Refugee Flood

The Bill Randles article in the link below is very interesting. As I read it I thought about the flood of Moslem refugees heading for Europe – and wondered how many others were heading for and being welcomed by Moslem nations (apart from those immediately accessible across the closest borders.)

In the past refugees have flooded over those immediate borders and have been housed in refugee camps (not pleasant, but a reasonably safe haven from the immediate danger they had been facing). So why NOW are so many people suddenly insisting on making the longer trip to central Europe?


To any thinking person, the spectacle of hundreds of thousands of “refugees” from Africa, and the horrors of the Syrian civil war, spilling out onto the shores of Italy, and forcing themselves over the barriers erected in Hungary is both heartbreaking and ominous.

Who wouldn’t be moved at the plight of frightened women and children packed into rust ships, desperate to get away from the wanton slaughter occurring in their Syrian homeland? The apocalyptic warfare taking place in Syria spares neither the elderly, the weak, women nor children. Mind numbing atrocities are being committed on both “sides”of the conflict. (Ishmael cannot find peace, He even fights His brothers).

Photos of precious children washed up on the shores, having drowned en-route to European shores tear at the western heart, which had once been softened by centuries of Christian teaching.

But a closer examination reveals troubling details.


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  1. Four paragraphs down: “Who ever heard of a houseguest demanding…”

    I read that and started racking my brain for where I’ve read such a concept recently.

    I remember. I haven’t gone on to read the rest of the article yet, but yes, aha, I remember where…
    I’d been enjoying the introduction to this translation of The Odyssey after watching a discussion from C-SPAN.

    So, now I’m wondering if the article’s author goes on to make more (beyond the Trojan Horse) references to The Iliad or its sequel. One detail I was able to gladly share because of “Homer” and my hearing some favorite music [also sort of popular music] of someone I’ve known for a long time — to share with this familiar person — was that the inclusion of Tiresius in one of the songs he’s heard (and sung to) hundreds of times has a meaning fairly opposite of how he takes it. So, he poo-pooed or humphed at the prudish thought. Tiberius recommends self control. Take that in, fans of “The Cinema Show” (by Genesis). Notice how the musical atmosphere changes with his (“the old one’s”) name. “Take a little trip back…” Think also of Peter Gabriel singing about “zones” he “questions” and, in yet another song, his (the singer’s or the person the singer is trying to make conscious) not tending to the needs of a wife (and child)… the lack of motivation. Food for thought.

    Now I will go back and finish the article at the link. Thank you creating this opportunity for reverie.


    A link from a link, above, echoes the kind of thing I’ve been wondering. Muslim countries don’t have the same duties as other world citizens?

    Or, maybe a lot of these people want to be western? Surely, not all of them do. And any wishing for other food should be transported over to such places.

    Of course, Saudi Arabia and so on “might” not be open to this. But the rest of the world should put shame and pressure on them such as we accept for ourselves.

  3. I should add, as someone commented under one of the articles, the question doesn’t seem to be that they are forced to eat pork or blood or something. I would not say they should eat blood sausage, get out, or die.

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