“Why did you become an infidel?” by David Servant

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The article below is a wonderful account of how Jesus will reach those who desire the truth, despite political and religious circumstances. To me this answers questions regarding those who don’t get the chance to hear the gospel. God WILL make a way for ANYONE who sincerely desires the Truth to be presented with the gospel.

“Why did you become an infidel?” by David Servant

As I listened to him share his testimony, he held me spellbound for two hours. He was a former Muslim, born in Jordan, who had a vision of Jesus that changed his life. His Muslim family had rejected and even legally prosecuted him. They had him tried for apostasy in an Islamic court. He was found guilty but suffered no punishment. And now he was reaching so many other Muslims for Christ that death threats were common.

This past January, I spent a week at an invitation-only conference for Christian leaders from the Middle East and North Africa. It was on the final evening of that conference that I met Jafer and his Korean wife, Nan. I had heard that Jafer is a very bold witness for Jesus, hosting a live call-in television program in Arabic that is broadcast by satellite throughout the Muslim world. He sometimes debates Muslim scholars on air, and he proves from the Quran that Jesus is more than just a prophet. Ignoring the frequent death threats, Jafer is full of joy and the Holy Spirit. We sat down together in the conference hotel restaurant, and Jafer told me his story.

I wish I had the space to tell you all the details of Jafer’s two-hour testimony. But the details about his salvation confirmed my theory that explains why we frequently hear reports of Jesus appearing to Muslims in nations that are hostile to Christianity. It is because many Muslims are seeking for truth, and Jesus is keeping His promise: “Seek, and you will find” (Matt. 7:7).

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One thought on ““Why did you become an infidel?” by David Servant

  1. Thanks for this encouragement, brother. It’s always confirming to know those whose discernment I respect are hearing God’s voice the same places I do.

    One thing that leaped out at me in Jafer’s testimony was the Muslim judge’s question to him: “Why did you become an infidel ?” The exact opposite of Jafer’s spiritual reality, “infidel:” but the only category in which a Muslim’s spiritual worldview could perceive belief in Christ.

    Had to think of times I’ve experienced that (usually in non-religious contexts). Nothing more frustrating than being saddled with a false “identity” to make you fit into someone else’s skewed worldview. Frustrating most of all its arrogant presumption to KNOW who you truly are, better than you know yourself: and that its worldview is your governing reality too.

    blessing, Steve

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