The Faith of Andrew and Myuran.

From an ABC Radio interview with Rob Buckingham.


Andrew’s faith is very well known, he’s an ordained pastor, he’s been studying toward that over many years. He’s effectively been leading the church inside Kerobokan Prison now for a number of years. His faith is very well known

Myu by his nature has been a quieter person, but in more recent times has become very deep in his faith as a Christian. I think for both of them the strength of their faith came shining through. They realised that they have done the wrong thing in the past. They accepted the fact that they were caught and incarcerated. They’ve both completely reformed their own lives and were working very strongly at reforming others.

All they or anybody else was asking was that these two men would be left in prison for the rest of their lives in Indonesia so that they could continue the work of helping to reform and rehabilitate other people.

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One thought on “The Faith of Andrew and Myuran.

  1. This was very painful to watch even from the other side of the world.

    The only thing that is comforting is knowing they are with the Lord now.

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