Letter to Joko Widodo from Myuran Sukumaran’s mum

This blog entry will post on the day of Myuran Sukumaran’s funeral.

Sukamaran was murdered alongside Andrew Chan and six others at 12.25am on 29th April. All refused to be blindfolded and sang Amazing Grace as they were taken to be shot.



Myuran Sukumaran’s mum pens letter to Joko Widodo

“I am not sure where you were as the men you ordered to kill my son, and seven others pulled the trigger but I am sure you were far away,” wrote Raji Sukumaran.

“My son died knowing all his loved ones were close by waiting in a hotel room to hear the news that he had been executed.”

She also revealed one of Myuran’s final words were in prayer for Indonesia and said she hoped she could “help other people or their families in some way as they sit and wait for you to order their deaths”.

I watched as over the last four months you tortured him by making jokes about his life, making him guess the night he would be taken, openly discussing the way in which he would die, parading and humiliating our family.

I know as I write this letter, the death of our children will not make any difference to drug trade in Indonesia. I am sure you know this, and that your reasons for taking these 8 lives had nothing to do with preventing drugs and everything to do with your politics.

As I finish this letter I pray for the many other men and women whose lives are in your hands, especially those on death row. I pray that you will have the courage to look beyond the politics for they too have families who love them despite their mistakes.

Read more, including the full text of the letter at:

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