Why I Believe the Bible is God’s Word: Because People Are Stupid. An Article by Jeff Weddle

 I have an overriding assumption about life: People are stupid.
This is a key point to grasp about life. It’s also key to remember you and I are people. I am stupid. You are stupid. We’re all stupid. That being the case, I don’t trust people. I find people hard to believe. My brain seeks someone to believe who is trustworthy. People are not trustworthy. Therefore, I must believe someone who isn’t a people. God is not a people, therefore, God seems like a good person to trust. So, how do I know the Bible is the trustworthy-God’s book? Why not the Koran? This has a long answer. I’ll summarize: I’ve read the other books claiming to be God’s words. They sound too much like people.

Read complete article here: https://antiitchmeditation.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/why-i-believe-the-bible-is-gods-word-because-people-are-stupid/

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