Self-Aggrandising Foolishness from Stephen Fry

Stephen FryThe quote to the left (attributed to Stephen Fry) is a clipping from yesterday’s newspaper. After reading it part of the book of Revelation came to mind where it is said that man responded to trouble and tragedy not by repenting (ie recognising and turning from his own sin) but by cursing and blaspheming God.

In other words, man blames God for what man has done.

Contrary to Fry’s accusation against God, everything God created was GOOD, even mankind. But God gave mankind freedom of choice: 1) to have an ongoing life of ease, untroubled by death where evil wasn’t even a concept to grasp: or 2) to gain an experiential knowledge of good and evil through disobedience to God. The consequence of that disobedience was the cause of all of the misery that Fry attributes to God and contrary to his accusation the misery he mentions IS our fault because of the sin that man freely chose and has continued to choose through history.

In his statement Fry demonstrates wilful ignorance, as well as an incredible degree of pride and arrogance that leads him to believe he has the right or would even have the guts to address the Holy and Righteous Creator in such a manner.

Would Fry prefer it if God had created mankind as a race of pre-programmed puppets with no freedom at all? I suspect what the answer would be to that question, when so many recently have come out in support of freedom of expression after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. People like Fry want the freedom to deny God or to mock and berate Him, yet still want to blame Him for what results from the exercise of that freedom.

I agree with Fry that the world is full of injustice, pain and misery but reject his accusation that God is to blame for that state.

God is not capricious, mean-minded or stupid. While Fry blames Him for evil in the world, in reality God has created a way to end the effects of the evil that is given a place in God’s creation by man.  But that way requires man to freely trust God to turn TO Him and to turn FROM sin.

Sadly, it is a choice that most (including Fry) refuse to make.

4 thoughts on “Self-Aggrandising Foolishness from Stephen Fry

  1. I think Stephen Fry {who’s face I’ve seen before, but that’s about as far as it goes} would like it to be so direct, that a person chooses evil and (thus) this is why the person suffers. I saw the clip of said rant. Part of its fullness referred to childhood cancer with, “What’s that about?” The interviewer displayed, yes, tolerance or respect for freedom of speech. Yes, the attitude is arrogant. Hopefully, God would [will] have a direct answer that would whither the strident pride with wise and loving clarity.

  2. Childhood cancer, like every other disease and disaster is in the world because of mankind’s sin.
    Those swimming in the sea will get wet, that’s the result of being in water. Likewise those living in this fallen world will be affected by the sin pervading this world, sin brought into the world by man.

    No one can claim innocence, no one can claim they don’t deserve the penalty that sin brings. That’s why God came to earth in human form to suffer the penalty that mankind deserves, so that through faith in Him we can be free of it: ultimately through being given access to a new (everlasting) creation where there will be only righteousness.

  3. If we are all pottery, it is true the potter can throw any unset piece back into the lump and and can crash any formed and set piece against a wall, but I don’t agree a baby is born a sinner for wanting to eat when hungry and thus crying. One of my sons and I were contemplating this morning before he went to work [he, 21, will be graduating college this spring and buying a condo] how disgusting it is, though, that we came up with the idea to take care of baby animals so they would grow and we would have more food. Not disgusting enough that we will stop eating meat, no matter how truly gross it is if you think about it.

  4. Stephen is going to Fry if he doesn’t repent of his incorrect vision of God and believe in Jesus.

    All the atheist whiners in the US use the same deluded reasoning to accuse God of evil.

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