4 thoughts on “Speak the Truth in Messiah

  1. Thank you. This is a format that runs on my kindle, unlike the format at the website.

    Tangent I found fun: A few of my son’s and I were playing a game when my “middlest” (3rd of 5) came to town for a wedding almost three months ago; Leading Questions (I think that’s the name of it). A question (which all but one person answers on paper and the one person tries to guess who said what) was who you’d want to be your servant/butler [I think it was more like servant, but I don’t remember the word for sure], if you could have one. My answer was James. Why…who’s James? Huh? They wanted to know why I said James. I said it seems like the perfect English name, like a butler or driver or something. One of them had picked their oldest brother. This is a game where you often laugh.

  2. I appreciated this speaker. And he made me cry at one point, not just tear up. Interesting how things hit you sometimes, even if you’ve cried or been shocked about them before.

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