Fly Like a Magpie

A few days ago I wrote about Sparky, the half blind, non-flying magpie that visits our garden. Since then he’s discovered the ability to fly short distances and has been able to find his way up to low branches. He has also become a little more timid and doesn’t come so close to Gloria or myself.

swoopSadly, one thing that hasn’t changed is the bullying. More able bodied magpies still conduct occasional attacks on him.

One of those attacks was launched after I arrived home from work yesterday afternoon. Through the window I saw that three of them had him pinned to the ground, so I rushed outside and ran at them clapping my hands, to drive them away.

However, I suddenly found myself taking flight, but only momentarily. I soon crashed to the ground ripping the skin from my palms and grazing my knees.

It seems I’d slipped on the wet grass and ended up a few metres away on the garden after “bouncing” off the concrete path. Gloria says I just missed the concrete bird bath as I rolled several times across the ground.

At first I thought I must have hit my head because my glasses were knocked off but I couldn’t find any damage to my head or the glasses, but my hands were in a bad way. This morning the lower part of both palms are pitted, looking as if I have several burst blisters on each hand and my left wrist is painful.

I wonder whether Sparky appreciates what I suffered for him.


4 thoughts on “Fly Like a Magpie

  1. Oh, yikes! I pray that your wrist and even everything else heals correctly and well and soon.

  2. Oh, I wrote you a reply, but think I accidentally deleted it, I’m trying WP on my phone for the first time…trickier than I thought! Hope you are feeling better soon. That was quite a story! Sparky better appreciate your acrobatic heroics!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks Heather, it seems I must have scared him away . I haven’t seen him around since my failed flight attempt.

    My wounds are healing very well but remind me that my days of athletic activity are probably behind me.

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