The Evil of Mens’ Traditions

A strong title?

Maybe it seems a little extreme?

But how else can traditions that create a false image of God be described?

Traditions that misrepresent His character.

Traditions that misrepresent His ways.

Traditions that misrepresent His desires.

Effectively those traditions result in a false gospel and lead to people to follow false paths with a false hope.

There is a big difference between those traditions of men and the Truth of God.

Where do our own desires REALLY lie?

What do WE really want?

Which do we choose?


6 thoughts on “The Evil of Mens’ Traditions

  1. Just a question, not intended to spark controversy, but are you against theology? Do you consider theology to be a compilation of traditions of men?

  2. I was was watching a comedian’s show the other day, and he had a guest who wrote a book about being kind. This comedian’s shtick is to pretend to be a conservative pundit (of the sort that has so sadly become dominant and blindly followed). So at some point in the interview the host (comedian) posits what would happen if a bunch of people decided to be nice while one guy stayed selfish.

    What this comes down to is “game theory” — but it is sort of a morality for what being conservative has devolved into. So then the line of thought goes to this pundit, of course Christian, reaching the pearly gates and meeting Peter and being told that he was too considerate. “There was this one guy who took advantage of food stamps; go to hell.” Comedians can get across what others can’t.

  3. Today’s theologies are mostly compilations of men’s traditions.

    God gave His word as a revelation of Himself and His ways to mankind, not as a tool to be used by man to create countless contradictory theologies.

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