I read the following statement this morning and decided it was worthy to inspire a “Quote of the Month” post.

If I come across equally insightful (short) quotes in coming months, I’ll make “Quote of the Month” an ongoing feature of this blog.

We can’t approach scripture in the manner that one approaches a contract they wish to get out of, looking for loopholes.

Quote from chaya1957



Sadly many people do approach scripture in the way described in that quote.

The Evil of Mens’ Traditions

A strong title?

Maybe it seems a little extreme?

But how else can traditions that create a false image of God be described?

Traditions that misrepresent His character.

Traditions that misrepresent His ways.

Traditions that misrepresent His desires.

Effectively those traditions result in a false gospel and lead to people to follow false paths with a false hope.

There is a big difference between those traditions of men and the Truth of God.

Where do our own desires REALLY lie?

What do WE really want?

Which do we choose?