My latest painting is below. It measures 102cm x 75 cm.


It started out like this, until I added several layers of diluted, transparent paint (blue-black and cobalt blue). I also painted over the red diagonal stripe, scraping away some of the paint to expose a short section of red in the middle:



3 thoughts on “Redeemer

  1. Thanks Marleen. I think the colours look even better in the painting. The photo doesn’t really capture what’s on the canvas.

  2. I came across something that turns out to be obvious. It’s one of those things you can easily discern if you just sit down and start reading a gospel straight up, if you’re paying close attention (not trying to come up with mysteries or something). I once sat down with Matthew after a long time of struggling with various life issues. All of a sudden (after years, a lifetime, of hearing and reading the Bible) after experiencing the crap that can go on because people can be crappy, a lot of things were just plain old clear as I read one thing after the other. Right now, I’m reading a book (which I don’t know yet if I will, although I probably won’t, recommend). If I get nothing else out of it, it brought this to my attention: “Mark says that when Jesus ‘went home…his family…went out to seize him, for they said, “He is insane [or beside himself]”‘ Next ‘the scribes who came down from Jerusalem’ charge that Jesus himself ‘is possessed by Beelzebub; by the prince of demons he casts out demons’ … As for the scribes’ accusation … he throws back upon them the same accusation of demon-possession and warns that in saying this they are sinning so deeply as to seal their own damnation [3:21-30]…Mark deliberately places these scenes of Jesus’ conflict with the scribes between two episodes depicting Jesus’ conflict with his own family. Immediately after this, the Greek text of Mark says that memembers of the family, who had previously declared him insane and had tried yo seize him…come to the house where he is addressing a large crowd and ask to see him… And his mother and brothers came, and standing outside t)ey sent to him… And looking around at those who sat around him, he said, ‘Here are my mother and brothers! … ” [THE ORIGIN OF SATAN… Elaine Pagels] How often do we hear the part about Jesus turning away his mother (the brothers are just about ignored, maybe because it might be kind of fun to think of being rude to one’s mother and maybe you can throw your wife in too or someone who isn’t a wife but that would be convenient to look down on, and how about generalizing so we call it a spiritual thing to downplay responsibilities). The puzzling is a tradition, but no; the context when we don’t read like the Bible is a set of random maxims, works better. Jesus is truth, the way, life… not insane or possessed.

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