The Rage of Nations

My Psalm 2 painting is now complete. It took longer than usual because we’ve had some extremely hot weather and conditions in my studio have been unbearable for more than a few minutes of painting at a time. But here it is, I finished it last night.

psalm 2

My series of flag paintings was started in response to some disturbing expressions of patriotism I saw on a few blogs and forums; in which I perceived an unholy hybrid of national pride and religion. While most of this seemed centred on the USA, I was especially concerned that some groups were trying to introduce a similar sentiment to Australia.
One of those groups is being led by a notorious Australian false prophet and false apostle who decided to establish his own political party.

I named that first flag painting “Unholy Hybrid” after creating a rough merging of the Stars and Stripes and the Australian flag, stencilled with a few phrases of text. The painting is in my 2013 gallery here:

With the new painting I took a more ordered approach, avoiding the rapid spontaneity of that first one. Instead of the roughly applied lines and stars, I used a lot of masking tape for straight lines and created stencils for the stars, using downloaded images for templates.

I’ve always had problems with the text I’ve added to paintings and very early on abandoned trying to write it freehand. Most of the time I’ve used commercially available stencils, but for this painting I felt I needed something with a much smoother, neater appearance than the almost industrial look of stencilled lettering.

So for this painting I printed my desired words in a suitable size and font. I then painted over the words with two or three layers of paint, cut them out and stuck them onto the canvas with a bonding agent.

I also have text printed on several of the small white stars in the bottom left of the painting. Originally I cut the stars out of newsprint, highlighting one word in each star. At first I was happy with the result, but as the rest of the painting took shape, the news print looked more out-of-place. So I chose to replace them with stars cut out of copy paper, on which the required words had been printed.

The message in those stars isn’t easily seen on the photo, but it reads:

“Why do the nations rage against God and His anointed”


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  1. One extreme to the other.

    We had around three weeks of temperatures close to 40 degrees Celsius (104 F) and have similar forecast for the coming few days. I’m just loving the current cooler temps in the low 30s (85-90 F).
    Maybe we can arrange a partial exchange programme to even things out for both of us.

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