Where’s The Like Button?


Knowing that someone “likes” what I’ve written can be encouraging. It’s good to get feedback, especially an indication of appreciation.

Whenever someone has clicked the “like” button I’ve tried to visit the linked site to see how much I have in common with the person who has “liked” my post. Sometimes that has been worthwhile, but mostly it hasn’t.

Over time I’ve noticed that more and more “likes” seem to be an alternative to SPAM. The most common traits shared by those who allegedly “like” one of my posts have been: Young. American, Male. And they have found a way of making money (with very little work) by using the internet. I’m guessing part of their strategy is to attract hits on their own blogs – or by enticing others to join whatever scheme they themselves allege is making them money.

I have also seen that some of the sites linked to those who clicked the “like” button have a sexually explicit nature. Comments from sites of that type regularly get intercepted and dumped into the Spam file where I can easily delete them. However, through the “like” option they have the potential to leave an un-noticed link on my blog from which those unsavoury sites can be accessed.

So far I haven’t found a way to completely remove the like button from all posts, but I can remove that option whenever I post a new article, but that needs to be remembered each time I publish something.

So, if you are one of the genuine people out there who sincerely like something I write, I hope you understand my reason for removing the “like” button. And if you do like something I write, why not make a brief comment, even if you only type the word “like” in the comments section?
I’m also giving this announcement its own page that can be easily accessed via a tab at the top of the page making it more easily accessible to future visitors.


4 thoughts on “Where’s The Like Button?

  1. Thanks for that explanation Onesimus. I had been wondering why my blog was getting ‘likes’ from the same kind of source as you describe and now I get it. I enjoy your posts.

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