The Cost of Conversion

Dangerously Alive During my recent break I read Dangerously Alive by Simon Guillebaud.
The following refers to a post on Guillebaud’s blog.

To me it brings a bit of perspective to a westernised Christian like me.
There are two brief testimonies of a miraculous God and also of the persecution faced by those who choose to follow Him.
How different it is to our experience in the affluent, safe and comfortable west. How genuine is our western “christianity”?

The other day, my friend Jules brought me a couple of young people that we supoprt to share their stories over a fanta. Choosing to follow Jesus comes at little cost to many of us, but for these two their decision has involved a fair amount of suffering. Actually, for almost anyone coming out of Islam, it comes at similar cost to them. So here are some of their stories:

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