Divine Reminders

sacrificeThe biggest regular art event in my local town is approaching. I entered the maximum five paintings as soon as the entry forms were made available. All I had to do was wait for the submission date and take the paintings to the gallery.

I thought that date was next weekend.

Last Saturday I went into town for lunch instead of eating at home as usual. While waiting for my order I saw a poster advertising the exhibition and found that the opening night was on the coming Friday. That meant the submission date was a week earlier than I thought. I wasn’t too concerned at the time, thinking I had the rest of Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday to deliver my paintings.

After lunch I went to buy some things for the garden and then drove home. As I was leaving the car park at about 1.50pm, for some reason I started to feel panicked. I was no longer sure that I had plenty of time to deliver my work for the exhibition. It took only five minutes to get home and I rushed inside to check the exhibition entry details. Submissions had to be in by 2.00pm that day.

I quickly pulled the paintings from the studio wall, threw them in the back of the car and drove to the gallery in town. As I took the paintings out of the car, the nearby town hall clock struck 2.00pm; I raced up the stairs and was able to deliver the paintings in time.

While some may see a few coincidences at work here, I have a different view of what happened. I thank God for the reminders that helped me to get those paintings to the gallery in time. This exhibition will potentially be the town’s most visited art event of the year giving my paintings quite a wide exposure. The paintings all have a scriptural inspiration, with titles like: “Man of Sorrows”, “Gospel”, and “Sacrifice” (see above illustration ) and either containing actual biblical text or at least visual references to the good news of Jesus the Messiah.

I may never know whether anyone receives anything from the messages the paintings are intended to convey, but the weekend’s experience gives me more confidence that God will make use of my work.
Thank you Jesus.

8 thoughts on “Divine Reminders

  1. I’ve had a printout of this particular piece of art up on my refrigerator since shortly after you posted it earlier.

  2. Hi Marleen, I’m pleased to hear you like it. It’s a painting I struggled with for a long time. I don’t know how many “paintings” there are under the top layer of paint. Some of them show through in part. It wasn’t until I added the arm and hand that it seemed to come together. Now it’s one of my favourites – and it is one of those included in the exhibition mentioned in my post.

  3. Was searching for some answers about healing and found your blog in the process. I have some question which i hope someone can help shed a light. Would you kindly dropped me an email so i could correspond with you? Thanks so much. God bless

  4. About 5 months ago, Randy Clark came to our church for a healing conference and rally. My church is of Methodist in nature but sort of charismatic. We went for prayers and ask God for healing for me in particularly for my skin condition. Randy Clark did lay hands and pray for me. My skin does heals gradually but have not complete yet. When i read your post about Randy Clark and some other healing minister, i do not know what to say or do next. I cross referenced with David Pawson’s teaching about healing and somehow am convinced of his teaching. What is the right thing to do? My heart is so burdened now and i pray for repentance to our Lord Jesus. What am i do further?

  5. If you believe you have done something wrong, then confess it and turn from it. He will forgive and cleanse you as promised.

    If you do that there’s no need to worry about what WAS done. Move onwards with the determination to always seek the Lord youself instead of looking up to celebrity “ministers” for answers. Church culture tends to lead us to recognise some people as more “anointed” than others – and therefore we easily look to this person or that person to fulfill our needs. But we need to learn to trust God for ourselves, in personal relationship rather than through a type of “priest” set up as a channel to bring God’s blessing to us.

    Ten years of my early Christian life was spent trusting “celebrity ministers” for the answers I needed. It was only when I started to take personal responsibilty for my own spiritual (and physical) condition that things started to make sense and come together.

    The important thing I found was to gain a familiarity with the whole of scripture and how each part related to the rest. To recognise that scripture’s purpose was to reveal God, His purposes and His relationship with mankind. It is not a rule book, it is not a guide book, it is not a book of doctrine – it is an aid to knowing God through His own revelation to us. A revelation of His continuing relationship with mankind, given though an account of real life encounters between God and man throughout history.

  6. Thanks for replying. This few days my skin condition on my hand seems to get blisters popping up and my husband ask to refresh my healing encounter with God by listening or watch Randy Clark healing video. I do not know what to say to him or tell him what i have found out or discern about all this. Truthfully, my heart is really broken for we both have endured this skin condition of mine for almost three years. I really plead God to heal but it is His will not mine.

  7. Hello, seeking Randy Clark (or any other man) won’t bring or aid healing. I suggest that instead of watching Randy Clark, spend time in scripture to find what God reveals about health and healing in His word. That way you are not relying on a man’s word but on God’s word and THAT is far more reliable. God’s word will build faith with a genuine and firm foundation, equipping you to know His will and to trust Him in all circumstances.

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