Powerful Delusion

The following statement can be found on Nathan Leal’s Watchman’s Cry website:

Augusto [Perez] has a very dire warning which has to do with a potential asteroid threat that he believes may strike the Caribbean Region and the area of Puerto Rico.
He believes that there is a possibility that this event may take place in the near future. According to his findings, the coming asteroid will strike in the Caribbean and cause a massive tsunami which will inundate portions of the US coastline.

puertoConsidering the success rate of prophecies form both Leal and Perez, I’d be quite confident that Puerto Rico and the Caribbean will be the safest place on earth at the time this event is expected to happen. BUT, continuing their form, the prediction is for “the near future”, so can be delayed indefinitely as each week, month and year goes by without fulfilment.

A couple of years ago this pair of false prophets were part of a group of “watchmen” predicting catastrophe in the USA “before August” of that year. A friend of mine says he is still receiving regular links from Leal to the recording making those predictions – two years after the predicted event failed to happen.

But I suppose there is a kind of logic involved. Eventually there may come a “before August” when there is a fulfilment, and they will conveniently dismiss the fact that the prediction was made in regard to a particular August in a particular year that passed without incident.

2 Thessalonians contains a very sobering statement about those who refuse to love the truth. It says that God will send a strong delusion to those who refuse the truth so that they will believe the lie. Maybe these false prophets have already received that “promise” and are no longer capable of recognising the truth. They have been thrown so deeply into the deception they chose above the Truth that they are incapable of recognising the blindingly obvious about the lying words they continually broadcast.

They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.


5 thoughts on “Powerful Delusion

  1. Hi Ian,
    I don’t go looking for these kind of things. I met Nathan on a forum several years ago before he really got caught up in all of the false predictions, and I know a few people who used to be part of his forum.

  2. Not only in the realm of prophesy (so called), (as I know you know), a person can get this inexplicably out-of-touch with what makes any kind of sense; it can be “achieved” as you said by not valuing what is true. It can be as small as on a family or one-on-one relational level, as secular as on a political level currently, and as religiously perverse as with congregations and “prophetic leaders” and back to a spouse projecting their own demonic challenges onto their despised honestly communicating counterpart. I know someone who takes in reasonable and patient communication, rejecting its plain and immediate meaning, only to come back later as if in viral form to twist the words and application to continue the insanity and harm.

  3. I found out today that I’m a fraud.

    What exactly is the nature of my fraudulance wasn’t made clear, but that is the accusation sent back to me after I asked Nathan Leal to give me ONE example of any of his predictions coming true.

    No examples of fulfilled prophecy were provided.

  4. Yes Marleen, people are able to make themselves believe whatever they want to believe – no matter how strong the contrary evidence – if they are desperate enough for self-justification.

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