Abbott’s New mantra

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the 180 degree turn in Liberal/National party rhetoric regarding Interest rates. (“Interest rates will always be lower under a coalition government “).

This morning I heard Tony Abbot’s “new” claim replacing that now discredited mantra. He’s now saying that the economy will always be stronger under a coalition government.

Almost Deja vu all over again with another unprovable, undeliverable promise?

And when can any “promise” made by Tony Abbot be trusted? [see here ].

It is clearly too late now, but if the coalition wanted to win the coming election on legitimate grounds rather than by default, that is by people voting FOR them instead of AGAINST Labor, they should have appointed (and kept) a more qualified leader. 


One thought on “Abbott’s New mantra

  1. The two things I find most annoying about politics and elections:

    1) Politicians seem to think that most of the electorate is stupid enough to fall for their propaganda.

    2) Politicians are mostly right (re. point 1)

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