Disturbing? (What do you do part 2)

Is it only my impression or is there something disturbingly creepy about these statements from a commenter on the Revivalschool blog?

 “For me personally I go by what Jesus told me before He went back to heaven…” (He then quotes Acts 1)

“If He wants me to know any more than the basic things which He has already shared with me in Matthew 24…”

“Anything else the Lord wants to tell me I’m open for it – but I’m not focusing on it – It wasn’t the last instruction He gave me before He left planet earth…”


This commenter is the same person referred to here: https://onesimusfiles.wordpress.com/2013/05/15/what-do-you-do/


12 thoughts on “Disturbing? (What do you do part 2)

  1. There is, I think, a case for arguing that the “sola scriptura” claim is false, though such is not admitted. Both the Catholic and Protestant paradigms are based upon “extra-biblical” and/or man-made interpretations of Scripture but this has become so embedded in the collective Christian conscience that Christians believe they base their thought on a “sola scriptura” approach. While orthodox Christianity may deem wisdom from the Jewish tradition, taboo, there is more “rabbinic-type” hubris to the Christian tradition than meets the eye…

    “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
    – Hamlet (1.5.166-7), Hamlet to Horatio

  2. Yes, that is creepy. This is said by someone who does not see that Jesus is the Word and that all Scripture is God-breathed and is on equal footing.

  3. Hi Dan,
    I think the majority of theolgies that are claimed to be based on “sola scriptura” are in fact not. They are the result of a chain of traditions handed down from teacher to potential teacher (and to congregations). That is the problem of seminary/ bible college education: those institutions teach people ABOUT the bible and how it relates to a denomination’s theology instead of addressing scripture alone (as their “sola scriptura” claim implies).

    Personally I believe that all of our understanding of God and His purposes NEEDS to be consistent with what scripture reveals – and by that I mean with what scripture actually says, and not what people interpet it to mean. Church tradition has resutled in an approach to the bible that pushes aside a straight forward reading and gives everything “spiritual” meanings”, turns the bible into an allegorical text that needs to be interpreted by an adequately “qualified” ministry.

    We are promised in scripture itself that the Holy Spirit will teach us what we need to know – that teaching is usually from scripture and is will always be consistent with scripture (whihc is an earlier, written Spirit inspired revelation).

  4. Bill Johnson is an especially deceptive false teacher.

    He uses alot of scripture compared to most of these clown princes of dispen-sensationalism….

    But just like rat poison… it only takes .0005 % of leaven to kill… spritually…

  5. But really, this is no LESS creepy than those who claim to find a pre-tribulation “rapture” in scripture….

    When Jesus explicitly said, “Immediately AFTER the tribulation” in Matthew 24 and Mark 13…..

    It’s high time Christians start calling the pre-tribulation “rapture” false teaching the doctrine of demons that it is…

    It’ll only be 173 years late but better than never…..

  6. Most false teachers use scripture – the bits that give the impression that it supports their teaching.
    It is usually the parts of scripture that a teacher ignores that exposes his false teaching. That is why we need to search the scriptures and not merely look up the verse or two a preacher quotes.

  7. UPS I am weell aware of your anti-dispensationalist views. I agree with you.

    BUT that is irrelevant to this topic.

    This site was not created to give you a platform to drop into occasionally to comment on your personal obsessions – UNLESS those comments are addressing the topic raised. That is why your recent consipracy comments were not approved on the thread about my paintings.

  8. Hi Ones,

    Not irrelevant to the topic as dispensationalsim is ultimately the root of kooks that can believe such nonsense as the person in the post said…..

    And no, you didn’t post my reply in the other thread because you are too cowardly to publicly face the same measure of scrutiny you rightly heap on Andrew Strom…

    Edward Snowden not only exposed the depth of surveillance that everyone on the earth is under insofar as every computer, phone (landline and cell), email address, website, blog, et al, ad infinitum being watched, but also exposed the biggest conspiracy the world has ever seen to date. One so vast it boggles even the minds of those who know this kind of thing occurs all the time….

    And you haven’t covered it once…

    You know, Jesus showed that we should not only publicly expose religious evil but political evil as well..

    He told us to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees AND of Herod..

    Paul lived his life that way as well….

    And he told us to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but to expose them… Religious, personal AND political… wherever it may be….

    So keep thinking that your offering of fruit is acceptable when God requires a lamb….

    Meaning, he wants disciples brave enough to confront evil, ALL evil…

    But keep your head in the sand if you must… God has more things to publicly expose to prove you and your delusions wrong whether you admit it or not…

    Both to yourself and your readers…

    And you refused to post the other article for the reason that it exposes your hostility to the truth as a believer in every official story that the main stream media and governments on planet earth feed you…

  9. And PS:

    I’d much rather be associated with the label “conspiracy kook” than to actually be a government dupe that is viciously hostile to the exposing of evil and the truth…

    I’ll wear that label like a badge of honor….

  10. And PPS:

    Although I suspect some of your fellow countrymen can both see and hear, Oz rightly describes where you live personally. And not the country but the American movie of the same name..

  11. Nothing to do with being “cowardly” – but more to do with a lack of gullibility and not letting myself be led astray by foolish and irrelevant specualtion. The same kind of thing that fuels the dispensationalist endtime mindset that you so often rail against.

    If you want that kind of thing “covered” then I suggest you take the time to create and maintain your own blog where you can do it yourself as freely as you like instead of peddling your conspiracies across the blogs of others.

    In the past I’ve been more than generous in the space I’ve given to you and your claims if they bear even the slightest hint of relevance to a thread. But I will not allow you to turn EVERYTHING into an opportunity to spout your conspiracy claims, especially when they have nothing in common with the subject of a thread.

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