Dumb, sad, desperate or deluded?

spam5My latest blog stats show I’ve now received 12,096 deliveries of spam.
I don’t know Why anyone in their right mind would think that such garbled, often unintelligible babblings could be effective in promoting their cause.

But there is a more subtle way people try to promote their unwanted messages: by registering a “like” in the comments of a blog entry.
I usually try to follow-up people who “like” what I’ve posted and those who have chosen to follow my blog – in case their blog is something I’d find interesting. I’ve discovered several that are worthwhile.

However, around half of those “likers” and “followers” seem to have nothing in common with me or my blog. I’ve now lost count of the number of young American men who have blogs related to making money without working: letting a blog make money for you. I suspect these sad individuals must get payment for every hit on their blog site and they probably get a few cents from people like me who want to find out more about those who show interest in my own blog.

I had a similar experience with my (now former) phone “service”. On the two occasions when I had problems with my phone, I found their customer service was a call centre in the Philippines, and all they were interested in doing was getting me to ring them as many times as possible; putting obstacle after obstacle in the way so multiple calls had to be made. Obviously they were being paid per call – not per satisfied customer.

The volume of spam is perhaps one of the worst things about WordPress. It’s a problem I never had with my original blog through a different provider.