What Do You Do?

What do you do with a man who prophesies over himself in the comments box of his blog? – as if God Himself is visiting to add His comments?

What do you do when he rejects the concerns of several other Christians when concerns about his spiritual welfare are raised?

What do you do when he labels those concerns: “attacks from the spirit of witchcraft”, vilifying those who have shown concern?

What do you do when this man is also a regular and prolific commenter on the well-frequented Revival School blog (not his own) where he has developed a following of admirers through flattery, through the offering of “prophetic words” through a public show of piety?

What do you do when this man has an (unrepentant) history of involvement with false prophecy, such as the failed Christchurch earthquake prediction a couple of years ago?

Not much you can do except pray:

1) For his deliverance from delusion

2) For the eyes of his “followers” to be opened.


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  1. 3) Expose and rebuke his heretical teachings and prophecies everywhere he or his followers promote them regardless of the consequences.

  2. This man is little known and for the time being has a limited means of sharing his message. Currently I’m only aware of his own blog and his comments on Revival School. There are several people who have been addressing his errors in those places. I’ve commented on his blog several times and most comments have been deleted. I am still banned from RS.

    The first concern is the man himself. I have no doubt he desires to serve God and not everything he believes is wrong.
    The second concern is for those who are quick to “Amen” his every word.

  3. Yes but Nathan from Watchmans Cry also started out small and had many people fooled for a while until he and his co-pastor wife started getting Diotrephes Syndrome..


    When a brother and I first heard about Todd Bentley years ago, we found a nice pamphlet outlining his errors and talked to many in our area that we thought could be swayed by his garbage. People we knew were tied to Toronto, Brownsville or any of the other false teachers and false prophets that were produced by those movements.

    For what its worth, he never really became that popular in our locale.

    Trent from NITW had someone on his forum years ago that got involved in some teaching which denied that Jesus was God. He had to stop it on his forum and also try to put out fires where he knew the guy was spreading it.

    You may have even known about that issue.

    I’m pretty harsh when it comes to dealing with false teachers and false prophets and am very protective of the ears of my family, friends and brethren.

    I’ve seen the destruction they can bring upon someones life up close and personal.

    A friend of mine had his family stolen from him by people tied to the Toronto movement.

    And his crime was that he stood against everything false that has infected the church in the last 150 years or more. Starting with dispensationalism.

  4. I see the more blatant false teachers and false prophets like those you mention are like a line in the sand. Their error is SO obvious that only someone WANTING to believe their lies would remain deceived by them.

    How many times can one man (Leal) unsuccesfully predict (and date) the destruction of America (or parts of it) and STILL be followed? Those who do keep following clearly have no interest in the truth. They want to live a lie.

    Likewise with the unholy antics of Bentley. His marriage breakdown during the “Lakeland revival” and his divorce and sudden remarriage only weeks later should have been enough to alert his adoring fans that something serious was wrong. BUt comsidering they hadn’t already realised that DURING the “revival” – again they show they weren’t interested in truth but loved the lie.

    The man from NITW was possibly “Traveller”, a man who gave any biblical reference to aliens today’s SF meaning and therefore managed to believe that scipture spoke about ET.

  5. Those from Toronto called my friend “gone”, “demon possessed” and a host of the most cruel and derrogatory names you could imagine before they took his family. As well as convincing his wife that he had “fallen away”.

    They even have the audacity to say that the written Word of God isn’t the Word of God. They value “prophecy” from “men” like Kim Clement as hearing from God and reject most of what is written when it doesn’t fit into THEIR kingdom. They want NOTHING to do with the real kingdom of God.

    Yes, that was him. Traveller….

    I think we spoke about the Alien thing on your other blog once or twice..

    I’m still of the opinion that “aliens” are demons disguising themselves as beings from another planet when they are only from another dimension…

    More delusions leading up to the grand illusion of the strong delusion….

  6. Lets face up to reality:

    1) We know from experience that the organized “church” does NOT speak for God and usually the only time they speak the truth is when they are reading directly from the Scriptures….. Which they then ruin by twisting them.

    2) If the organized “church” has been so subverted since the rise of dispensationalism that most of its doctrines are off, how can we trust anything that they taught us, especially concerning prophecy?

    3) The Word tells us to examine ourselves to see if we are in THE faith which Jesus also asked whether He would find any of when He returned…. This makes chills run down my spine at times when I wonder how much of what we learned from the “church” still deceives us to this day…. Not because I fear man but because I fear God…

  7. BTW, I made my peace privately with Trent at NITW but I was accused of having “the spirit of witchcraft” by Candy and some others while he stood by and said nothing… alot of which was over the pre-trib rapture and my rejection of modern day “prophets” like Andrew Strom and others that have supposedly repented of their involvement with very questionable “teachers” and “prophets”.. I think the clincher was the “women in leadership” thread…

    I told him to deactivate my account after that so I banned myself effictively…..

    But I do forgive him and have spoken to him privately since then…

  8. I wouldn’t discount the possibility of demons physically masquerading as beings from other planets – but I think most of the deception occurs in the mind.

    There have been cases of “alien abduction” that have happened when the abductee has remained in the presence of witnesses who experienced nothing while the abductee remained seated in their presence.

    Also a lot of the UFO phenomenon is nothing more or less than “media hype” – a major British UFO investigator used that term in private correspondence with me to describe one of the major recurring UFO flaps in the UK. For the most part with UFOs/Alens, it is more profitable to investigate the investigaors than it is to examine the reports themselves. So many investigators believe what they want to believe and cherry pick “facts” that support their beliefs. Very much like the followers of Bentley and other charismanics (and also conspiracy theorists).

  9. Agreed.

    That’s why I stick with what scripture ACTUALLY says – and I let scripture interpret scripture rather than follow the same kind of wild fantasies that I learned in church, particularly with regard to end time prophecy.

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