False Gospel – recommended article


by Jennifer LeClaire

I am convinced that too many people who claim to be Christ-followers are not really saved because too many false teachers and false prophets are propagating a “different gospel” centered on “another Jesus” (see 2 Cor. 11:3-4). I am convinced that many self-professing saints are going to sit right next to sinners in hell when it´s all said and done – thanks, in part, to rock-star preachers presenting a hyped-up, watered-down, seeker-friendly gospel.

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7 thoughts on “False Gospel – recommended article

  1. The article above has been posted on Andrew Strom’s blog, resulting in the usual flood of comments and arguments.
    One of the more repeated criticism of the article has been that the author doesn’t name names. Who are the “Rock Star Preachers” she is referring to.

    1) I think the identity of these people is obvious.
    2) they are probably too numerous to allow the naming of them all in a single article.
    3) leaving someone off the requested list of names has the potential of giving them an appearance of legitimancy.
    4) familiarity with the TRUE gospel is the best way of recognising a false gospel.

  2. When I saw bits of what happened over the weekend (with a group of “rockstars” — not that they exactly call themselves preachers though they come off as if they think they are that), what came to me is that they are getting very close to being the lie. A toned down version of that is that they are a lie. Maybe it’s not so much “toned” down as it is a point in time.

  3. My blog posts on John MacArthur support the idea that the Bible is little read and studied in many “popular” churches. Even my Pastor believes there are people in our church who aren’t saved but who believe that they are. Interestingly enough, I’ve also encountered many Christians who have left the church and who have pursued other options because they wanted *more* solid Bible teaching. People are hungry for the good news. It’s just hard to find some place who’s telling it.

  4. Sadly far too many people put their trust in the words of these men regarding their spiritual wellbeing and never take personal responsibility to check the validity of what they are being told.

    I know many Christians who have left the organised church and have found much more solid teaching through personal bible study coupled with regular contact and discussion with other believers, many of who are also “out of church”.

    Of course the terms “left the church” and “out of church” are loaded phrases that promote particular assumptions about what “church” actually is. Can one be “in the church” if one is not saved? Likewise can anyone be out of church if they are saved?

    You are right, people are hungry for the good news and it is hard to find “some place who’s telling it”. That’s why so many are abandoning the tradtional “places”.

  5. Because on that previous weekend there was something extreme going on with an actual rockstar in a group who are considered Christian and were touring, and coming to the end of that tour (after which the lead singer was arrested when he came back home), I’ll take a moment to say I wasn’t referring to a rock group. And I’ll add that I wasn’t referring to a group of men.

    One of the women formally left her church (in the traditional sense) before she went on a recent campaign trail for higher office. Another of the women was “sent out” (years ago, but is still at it) with an “anointing” that involved a visiting preacher in a more avant garde kind of church than that other one had been in. That’s not to say they’re all women or they’ll all run for office.

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