Back In The Studio: work in progress


I haven’t spent much time in the studio recently. This  is  the most advanced painting I’ve been working on.

My original idea didn’t really work out but I quite like its progress anyway. I intended to use the collar as the top part of my regularly used “Y” symbol but my attempts to complete the letter have so far failed.

The photo is now out of date. I took it yesterday afternoon but spent a couple of hours working on the painting last night, adding a lot more stencilled wording.

When finished I’ll post a photo of the end result on my gallery page.

Israel Replaced?

Andrew Strom’s blog has an interesting discussion that was intended to look at the validity or otherwise of replacement theology. Reading the article and the comments that follow it, I see a lot of confused and contradictory ideas being expressed. The issue is certainly one driven by ignorance, but considering scripture isn’t confused and contradictory, the ignorance must have a different source.

To me scripture couldn’t be clearer when it comes to the relationship between God and Israel. It is only through leaning on men’s traditions instead of searching the scriptures that this issue has become a point of often heated disagreement. Like so many other contentious issues, the solution is found in accepting what scripture ACTUALLY says instead of reinterpreting parts of it to fit a predetermined theological stance.

I note that in one sense Strom is opposed to “replacement theology” but overall his view seems confused, typified by statements like this: “it is the CHURCH that is the `apple of God´s eye´ in the New Covenant era – not Israel.” Reading the biblical reference to the “apple of God’s eye” in context surely shows the statement refers to Israel and only Israel. (see Deuteronomy 32:9-11 and Zechariah 2)