Recommended Article: When Will the Madness Stop?

Bombings Shootings and other atrocities seem to have an increasing presence in today’s world. Here is one of the most astute articles I’ve read addressing this situation.


When Will the Madness Stop?

It seems nearly every week there is another tragedy with people being killed senselessly. There are two questions the media repeats over and over as they report the same thing for 48 hours:

1) Why did this happen?

2) What can we do stop tragedies like this in the future?

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2 thoughts on “Recommended Article: When Will the Madness Stop?

    “I can’t eliminate tragedy, death or sin, but I can help you get ready for your own death and judgment. That should be our main concern–readying ourselves and others to stand before God.
    Cliched answer? Probably, but it’s the only one that makes sense to me. This world stinks; it’s why we need a new one. I can’t wait.”

    Excellent – This is what the Lord is laying on my heart today – “readying ourselves and others to stand before God. Bottom line Amen?

    Blessings Tim,

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