Little Known News About Bombings

I have no doubt that we are all very aware of the horrific and tragic outcome of the cowardly bombing attack during the Boston Marathon.

Sadly such events are quite common in other parts of the world but rarely get more than a brief mention in the news.

Iraq’s Bloody Monday: 75 Killed, 356 Wounded
by Margaret Griffis.
April 15, 2013

article here:

Officials: Car bombs in Iraq kill 9 people,
Associated Press  Monday, Apr. 15, 2013

 Read here:


Taliban Kill Seven Afghan Civilians, Four Soldiers
by Naharnet Newsdesk
17 April 2013, 06:12

 Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan have killed seven civilians with a roadside bomb and cut the throats of four Afghan soldiers kidnapped while traveling home on leave, officials said Wednesday.

Officials: Attacks across Afghanistan kill 24
By AMIR SHAH Associated Press
Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2013

Roadside bombs and insurgent attacks killed dozens of people in five separate attacks across Afghanistan as violence steadily rises during this year’s spring fighting season, officials said Wednesday.

KABUL, Afghanistan Roadside bombs and insurgent attacks killed at least 24 people in five separate attacks across Afghanistan

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4 thoughts on “Little Known News About Bombings

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  2. James, it’s worse than that.
    I posted that information after I saw an article in a Sydney newspaper in which a columnist berated and ridiculed a TV presenter who had actually pointed out that there had been worse bombing events outside of America on the same day; but those events hadn’t received a mention while the Boston bombings received constant coverage in Australia.

  3. “Are you saying that the news we commonly receive is heavily censored and biased? Heavens to Betsy.”

    THAT is very funny! 🙂

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