10th Anniversary of the second Bush Family Invasion of Iraq

Invasion ripped apart a nation, causing misery. Article by John Cantwell

From: The Daily Telegraph March 18

FEW events have been so surrounded by acrimony as the invasion of Iraq, 10 years ago tomorrow. In the lead-up to hostilities, claim and counter-claim about the justification for the war divided nations. US President George W. Bush led the charge for the pro-war side, supported by British PM Tony Blair and our own John Howard.

…the cost of the war was terrible. Trillions of dollars were spent. With rare exception the coalition troops fought bravely and honourably, but almost 4500 Americans were killed along with more than 300 non-US troops, mostly British. Australia suffered two non-battle fatalities.

Well over 34,000 coalition troops were wounded. At least 100,000 Iraqis died as a result of the war, possibly many more. A quarter of a million Iraqi civilians were injured. Millions were displaced. Ten years on, what are we to make of the invasion and occupation of Iraq?

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The author, John Cantwell is a former Australian Army major-general who served in both Iraq wars and commanded Australian forces in Afghanistan in 2010.

5 thoughts on “10th Anniversary of the second Bush Family Invasion of Iraq

  1. The problem with basing our beliefs on the actual words of Scripture is that we’d have to change our beliefs and that’s no fun. I might have to admit I’m wrong.

    Another term I have noticed get defined oddly is “legalism.” Many attempt to define the word with Scripture even though Scripture never uses it but it does provide better and more accurate words.

  2. HI Jeff, I suspect you intended to post this comment on the “Description or Definition” thread.

    And yes, it can be much more uncomfortable defining our beliefs with scriptural terminology, because so often those beliefs will be challenged BY scripture. That non-biblical (but religious sounding) terminology can conveniently distance us from what scripture actually says.

    Interesting point about the term “legalism”. Yes it is another of those religious sounding words that can lead us down a few twisted paths.

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