Exhibition Opening

exhYesterday I went to the opening night of the art exhibition at the local town hall.

Paintings weren’t hung on the walls – they were all hung on moveable panels arranged around the main auditorium. But they didn’t have enough panels for all the paintings so they got “artistic” and set up easels, step ladders and anything else suitable for the display of art. It was very effective – much better than in the past at the usual gallery where the walls alone were used for paintings.

I found it easier to focus on individual pieces of work because there was more space between them. In the smaller gallery exhibitions, things tended to become a blur and it was easy to overlook a lot of it.

My five paintings were hung together on one of the panels. It thought that was much better than having them spread around in different places.  It helped me to see when people were taking time to look at my paintings instead of giving them a quick glance.

I was able to spend 15-20 minutes talking about my work with a woman who had tracked me down when I was at the other side of the hall. I told her how the paintings related to my faith in Jesus.

I don’t know whether my paintings and my talk made a difference. Hopefully a seed has been planted, but that’s now between her and the Holy Spirit.

She had been attracted to them because she found them to be “spiritual” – but her idea of spiritual seemed more related to new-age than new birth.  But she made it clear she thought the paintings were wonderful.

Overall it was an encouraging experience – and maybe I’ll go back later and find I have a red dot or two.