Exhibition Opening

prophet part

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday Australian time) is the official opening of the exhibition in which five of my paintings are included.

It is being held in the local town hall, a bigger and more central venue than the gallery where the exhibitions are usually held. Hopefully that will help bring in more visitors and also allow for better hanging space.

At the last exhibition two of my paintings were hung over an access door where they weren’t easily seen. Most of my paintings have detail that needs to be seen from close up: mainly excerpts of scripture that aren’t immediately noticeable.

The painting “Prophet” has the names of almost every biblical prophet spiraling into the centre from the outside. These are all in gold paint, then in the centre of the painting is the name JESUS in silver to make it stand out from the others. A painting like that doesn’t make much sense if its in a position where the words can’t be seen.

prophet section