It’s My Blog and I’ll Rant If I Want To (2)

The “”evil Obama” claims continue to be raised.

Yet again I’ve had anti-Obama propaganda mailed to me. Apparently he is more evil than any previous President. Why? He is incompetent. He has ambitions to be a communist dictator. He supports abortion. He has “spent America into a financial hole…

If these things weren’t coming from “Christians” I’d laugh it off and write about something else, but unfortunately it is MAINLY Christians that I’ve heard saying these things.
I’ve addressed some of these things before, but for those who have refused to pay attention let me address them again.

More than any of his predecessors? Even after some of the atrocious acts and decisions made by previous Presidents?

Only in America could that political ideology continue to instil such epic proportioned fear. It’s the national equivalent of the boogie man. McCarthyism has a lot to answer for – suppressing a nation’s maturity with threats of red monsters in closets or under the bed, biding their time… Obama is NO communist. The label has been applied ONLY to cause suspicion in a nation still suffering from fears instilled in the fifties.

Abortion was legal in America LONG before Obama came on the scene and was legalised under a republican administration. It has been legal for all of Obama’s adult life and as such his views reflect the immorality of his secular nation – he did not set the agenda.

Surely this can’t be serious?
America has been in a “financial hole” throughout its history with spending being far above income. Bill Clinton introduced policies to reverse that practice and the economy WOULD have been turned around by now if not for George W Bush’s tax cuts to the rich and his two expensive (and unnecessary) wars. It was the Bush administration that led America and the world into the “Global Financial Crisis and Obama was left to put the pieces back together.

Can we now have an end to the anti-Obama hate campaign? An end to the lies and misrepresentations?

5 thoughts on “It’s My Blog and I’ll Rant If I Want To (2)

  1. If you love Obama so much I’d gladly send him to you. We could do without him, you seem to want him. Obama is incompetent, that is no lie, nor is most of the rest of the stuff you complain about. Christians in America by and large cannot abide Obama, why is that an issue to you?

  2. I am neither for nor against Obama. My issue is with alleged Christians who have been motivated by lies and hatred directed at Obama.

    And why is it an issue to me? Because the name of Jesus Christ is being associated with the lying, hating, anti-Obama campaign and as a result it is no longer an American issue it is a Kingdom of God issue. Those “Christians in America” who “by and large cannot abide Obama” need to choose which Kingdom they intend to serve.

    I don’t care in the slightest what Americans say about their President – but I am VERY concerned when “Christians” get involved in spreading the lies and hatred.

  3. I hear your complaint and agree. The concept of Christians honoring the government is out the window. Ironically, the policies of Obama and George W. Bush, whom most Christians liked, are very similar. Christian civil civility has left. We are called to not be entangled with the affairs of the world, yet you’d think government was the church’s Savior based on our emotional outpourings of love or hate for various politicians.

  4. Thanks for your comment Jeff.
    Why is it that Christians demand so much from Obama (a secular leader of a secular nation)? What has he got to do with them?
    And why are so many lies and so much more hatred directed towards him than previous presidents?

    Where is that hatred going to be directed in 4 years after Obama’s Presidence ends and he hasn’t turned into the Antichrist?

  5. I do not know, but I do know this is a symptom of a disease that will cripple the Church.

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