Anniversary! And Thoughts of a New Blog

I was going to make an announcement to mark the anniversary of the beginning of this blog – but I missed it! I thought I still had a week to go, but I’ve just checked the oldest of my posts and found it was dated at the beginning of February and not the end of the month as I thought.

Even after a year I’m no clearer of the blog’s direction. It retains a mixture of my various interests but overall it’s centre is my faith in Jesus.

For the immediate future I wont be making any changes. The only difference I’ve been considering is starting a separate blog about the books I’ve been reading – resurrecting my “out of shadows” blog (originally here: on WordPress.

While a separate blog will have its advantages (receiving review copies of books being one) I don’t like the feeling of always having to write about the things I’ve read. Obligatory reviews can be a chore to write, and if I can’t maintain my own interest when writing a review, what hope is there of interesting potential readers of my reviews?