One Nation Over God

7 2013

Rise up Australia for Australians.
Join the United States of Americianity in flag draped religion.

I make no apologies in saying, We don’t need an Americanesque hybrid of nationalism and religion.

We don’t need a Nationalised Jesus.

The REAL Jesus is the answer.


8 thoughts on “One Nation Over God

  1. The Word doesn’t describe Babylon as spreading her fornication throughout the earth in vain…..

  2. No sir,

    It’s not pushing America INTO scripture, it’s finding the identity of Babylon FROM scripture.

    Well at least you say “unlikely” instead of “definately not”.

    All I would say is to test all things, hold fast to what is good and truthful and continue to watch for the signs described by Jesus in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 as well as a host of other scripture in the Old and New Testament.

  3. If you want to continue believing in projecting “biblical” importance upon your own nation that is your choice, and as proven it will lead you down some very strange tracks.

  4. U…Servant: If you are saying the US is babylon (even though the Bible story of Babylon happened long ago and over on the other side of the world), it seems to me (as I think of what was going on then) you’re advocating racial or national or traditional or linguistic “purity” (rather than our freedom to live and let live various kinds of people)? I think the message of Babylon is something else (rather than an effort to stick to some adapted physical meaning — over spiritual as well as historical).

  5. Hi Marleen,

    Unless you are a Preterist tell me when Babylon the great of Revelation 17-19 was fulfilled in history…

    And it wasn’t AD 70 when Jerusalem was destroyed as Revelation was written in AD 95..

    And just because I support citizens rights to bear arms or that the US is Babylon the great does NOT mean I advocate anything like racial purity or any other such thing.

    Purifying the earth is Gods job and He will do so at the physical return of Jesus.

    But not before He uses the ten horns of Revelation 17 to destroy Babylon the great.

  6. Hi again. I’m not going to try go into a lot of detail here, or even indicate I have an answer; but I want to say I wasn’t thinking of your support for the second amendment. You are right, though, it becomes disturbing what people often get to standing for or talking about when it sometimes seems like they start out with something simple like that. I’m glad you addressed it. I did run across an old video on youtube with Christopher Hitchens interviewing a racist denying his plain racism (and Naziism) shortly after I posted here, a guy with a following.

    I support the second amendment too, including the part about being well regulated.

    I am not a Preterist; I’m almost laughing because I often speak up against such. But you wouldn’t know that about me. I can see that part of what I wrote could look like I’m thinking in terms of Preterism.

  7. Hi Marleen,

    I’m sorry for the sharpness of my first reply.

    It’s difficult to convey via text on the internet but when I speak up for the second article of the bill of rights, it is to point out that regardless if our split from England was right in Gods eyes or not at the time it happened, the laws that exist here now are the laws of the land.

    God is a God of order and I believe He expects His children to obey the governing authorities just as Paul counseled the Romans.

    The difference in the US is that we don’t render to Ceasar anymore, we render to the constitution. Surely God wouldn’t expect Americans to follow British law more than 200 years after it declared independence and won that war.

    The other issue is that I believe a Christian can know what our enemies are up to and yet still love them as Jesus commanded.

    He called us to be as wise as serpents but harmless as doves did He not?

    And it’s good to hear you aren’t a Preterist! 🙂

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