Rise Up Australia?

Just what Australia needs?

An Americanesque hybrid of nationalism and religion.


This party was established by the false prophet Danny Nalliah, predictor of Australian election results with almost 100% strike right (100% WRONG that is). It seems like he’s trying a different tactic to exert political influence.

In the past he predicted the results of several state and Federal elections. I don’t think he got any of them right. The most infamous being the one where John Howard was supposed to win and hand over Prime Ministership to deputy Peter Costello – who Nalliah had recently visited to prophetically “anoint” as the next Prime Minster.

Not only did Howard lose the election. He lost his seat in what had been a safe electorate. Costello then resigned from politics – undermining every part of Nalliah’s prophecy.

But it wasn’t Nalliah’s fault. He didn’t prophesy falsely. It was the church’s fault for not voting in accordance with God’s revealed will: revealed through Nalliah’s prophecy of course.

The worst part of all of this false prophetic lunacy is that Nalliah maintained his faithful following.

What part of Jesus’s words are hardest to understand and heed?

“…and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people…”

How wrong does a “prophet” have to be before he’s recognised as false?