Kingdom Priorities – But Which Kingdom?

In recent weeks I’ve written about the accusations being levelled at US President Obama by “Christians”, as well as other political matters that have arisen on Christian forums. In reply I’ve had a few people saying that I and other non-Americans have no right to comment on American issues because we don’t live there.

But I don’t see these things as American issues – they are a KINGDOM issues, addressing the actions, attitudes and claims of Christians, citizens of God’s Kingdom, and not addressing Americans and their political situation.

Over the past few months I’ve come across a lot of lies being passed around by professing Christians, on blogs, forums, in recordings, newsletters and personal emails. I think mostly it has been done in ignorance. They want to believe the worst so they don’t check their sources and don’t question the motives of those sources. The lies have mainly been about Obama, accusing him of moral, religious and political wrong doings, including his involvement in a communist conspiracy to overthrow America.

But the important issue is not Obama or outlandish allegations about communist takeovers – it’s about TRUTH. It’s about being the right kind of ambassador for Jesus and focusing on HIS Kingdom instead of the political wranglings in other “kingdoms”.

One person asked the following question:

“Why is it when you warn Christs sheep here in America of the dangers of this president, what is happening to America, Christians rise up and say you are wasting your time in politics”

However, the question itself is based on a false assumption fuelled by the kind of lies I referred to above. Despite the claims being made, President Obama is no worse and is no more dangerous than his predecessors. He can only build on the moral foundations that others in previous Governments have provided (Republican and Democrat) and according to the moral climate of the nation that appointed him. President Obama is not a leader INTO un-Godliness; at worst he is a reflection of what is already in the character of the nation that voted him into power.

As citizens of God’s Kingdom it is not the Christians role to change the moral state of worldly kingdoms (something that DEFINITELY won’t be done through rumour, lie and innuendo); it is our role to encourage migration from those kingdoms to God’s Kingdom by sharing and living the Truth.


One thought on “Kingdom Priorities – But Which Kingdom?

  1. Important inclusion: that moral change “DEFINITELY won’t be done through rumour, lie and innuendo” — in addition to the fact such efforts have largely taken on a pose of being for Christ. I also think harm has been done more than good because of the stubborn linking of a usurped moral majority to incessant resentment of taxes (and now an angry preference for sales tax as if that’s more moral). The whole thing has devolved until more and more what is promoted is just hate; and it applies to now that we are (correctly) spoken of poorly (because of those who are most visible and loud about being righteous or pushing righteousness) among those we would want to be an example for. I don’t know, off the top of my head, to which Bible verse this alludes.

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