Be Assured!

I wrote some of the following in response to some outlandish “Christian” claims alleging there is a decades old Communist conspiracy to take over America.

Be assured:

1) America is not becoming and will not become “communist” – the threat and fear of communism is a hangover dating back to McCarthyism.

2) Socialism and communism are no more evil than capitalism. They are all man’s political creations created as alternatives to God’s Kingship. All raise some men to places or power at the expense of others. All call for trust in man instead of God.

3) Like all previous empires and superpowers, America will eventually fall from its position of power. It will have nothing to do with a communist takeover and it will NOT mean last days prophecies are being fulfilled. It will just be a continuation of what has happened throughout history.

The British Empire lasted only around 100 years. Communist Russia lasted only 70. America has been a dominating “superpower” since WWII – again almost 70 years, around the same time period as Communist China. These periods are VERY short – yet we seem to think these powers have always been here, will always be here and maybe even SHOULD always be here.

However, there is only ONE eternal Kingdom and that is GOD’S.

22 thoughts on “Be Assured!

  1. Yes, and please “Be Assured” that a retired US general does happen to know just a little bit more about the situation in the US than civilians from another country do…..


  2. Don’t know about this man in particular, but retired US Generals are no less prone to conspiracy fantasies than the rest of the population. Maybe MORE so considering some of the actions and decisions they’ve have to live with. Not the ideal lifestyle to maintain a balanced view of the world when everyone else is seen as a potential enemy.

    Retired US generals are no less bound by political agenda than the rest of the population.
    Retired US generals are no less affected by decades of cultural conditioning either – perhaps more so in the militarised world in which they’ve spent their lives.

    Reitred US generals have also “blown the whistle” on captures alien spacecraft – need more be said?

    Overall retired US generals may be the least objective judges to rely upon.

  3. And is it any less believeable that “retired US Generals” may have their own desires to undermine an elected President and do so by spreading disinformation?
    Where do the conspiracy possibilities end?

  4. See what I found with very little effort.

    Look who’s in the photo here? A retired general with an agenda and a familiar friend?

    and also

    In a New Year’s Conference presentation at Rick Joyner’s church, Retired Lt. Gen. Boykin fuels the lie that our founding fathers were Christian men (10:00) and that the Church is called to build God’s kingdom on earth (15:15). General Boykin speaks about how the Church has been passive for too long, and challenges believers to rise up and become a mighty army.

    I provide the above links for reference only – not as an endorsement of the general content of the site.

  5. Regardless of Boykin’s ties to heretic and false prophet Rick Joyner, he is still correct about our presidents Marxist ties. Do some research about Bill Ayers….. or Van Jones………

    Even a broken clock is still correct twice a day….

  6. The message is loud and clear: “It’s okay to embrace a false prophet when he speaks in support of my own prejudices”?

    Sorry – that man’s associations SHOW more truth than his mouth speaks.
    I see the greater danger is not Obama, it is the HATRED being directed towards Obama that some are more than willing to exploit.

    And what is it about Americans and the continued fear of “Marxist threats”?
    It’s time to free yourselves of the long-lasting propaganda of MCarthyism.

  7. Well, even Paul the Apostle said that false prophets are correct in certain things they say…..

    Titus 1:10-13 10 For there are many insubordinate, both idle talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision, 11 whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole households, teaching things which they ought not, for the sake of dishonest gain. 12 One of them, a prophet of their own, said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.” 13 This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith,

    I’m sure he wasn’t referring to their prophecies being right but merely the statement, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.”

    So.. Boykin calling our president a Marxist is not incorrect… or disprovable merely because he associates with Heretic Rick….

    Like I said..

    Look up Bill Ayers and Van Jones on Google…..

    And I have to say that Austrailian media must paint our president as quite a nice fellow…..

    You keep believing that Ones…

  8. Australian media doesnt paint him one way or the other. They report, they don’t comment.
    I have been seeing the outright lies that American Christians have promoted about Obama even dating from before his first election. All along it has been clear that something underhanded has been at work – not from the President but from “Christians”

    I am blessed by not having been brainwashed into a lingering pathological fear of “socialism”/”Marxism”/”Communism”. Only in America could Obama be labelled a “socialist” or “Marxist”. Most of the rest of the world would find that claim laughable.

    And there’s a significant difference between the example you give from Paul and the example of this retired General. This General’s motivation is centred on his personal political and religious agenda. His association with Joyner and the Oak Initiative merely identifies what kind of agenda that is.

  9. “Only in America could Obama be labelled a “socialist” or “Marxist”. Most of the rest of the world would find that claim laughable.”

    The exceptions of course are the likes of false prophet and now political party founder Danny Nalliah.

    He clearly doesn’t understand the irony of using the party slogan “Keep Australia Australia” while establishing his party with an American influenced manifesto.

  10. Did you research Bill Ayers and Van Jones yet?

    And those are just two out of a very many HIGHLY questionable associations…..

  11. “Only in America could Obama be labelled a “socialist” or “Marxist”. Most of the rest of the world would find that claim laughable.”

    Yes, I was going to comment on that…

    And thats because in America, the government is supposed to OBEY the will of the people and leave us alone when not serving the interests of those who voted them into office to do that and nothing else…

    Most other western nations have already been acclimated to socialism over a period of decades so they don’t realise that they are the frogs in the slowly boiling pot on the stove…..

    And I’m not saying that I agree with the blatant self serving interests enbodied in the US constitution, I’m just stating the fact the they are there.

    In America, according the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, each citizen is his or her own king or gueen…..

    Thats why the rest of the world can’t understand it, because they are not used to such unbridled freedom to to whatever they please at any given moment….

    Once Babylon is out of the way though, the beast will be free to put an end of that kind of freedom worldwide…..

  12. Only in America is there such a paranoid fear of socialism – the continuing fallout from McCarthyism.

    Socialism has been around for barely a century (and is not the great eternal evil that Americans have been brainwashed to believe). America as a “superpower” for not much more than half a century. Barely a blink in world history and not very significant when compared to eternity.

    It is quite possible that America will “fall” from world importance long before the end time Babylon gains significance.

    It is human nature to consider ourselves and our political world as being the most significant of all time giving us far more importance than we deserve.

  13. I have no interest in doing so. There are more important things to do than chase after every irrelevant paranoid fantasy. Why would I go and do what I’ve been trying to stop other FROM doing?

    Forget these vain worldly conspiracies and concentrate on GOD’S Kingdom. Forget about man’s vain political fears and prejudices and BE an ambassador for GOD’s Kingdom.

    Let the dead bury the dead and follow HIM.

  14. The thing is Ones, IF we are in the end times, as the signs do point to, there is no time for a nation with the traits of Babylon described in the bible to come to power…

    And Babylon won’t be the most significant earthly kingdom of all time in any event, that infamous dishonor goes to the kingdom of the beast…

  15. 1) We’ve been in the “end times” through all of church history and most generations thought they saw signs pointing to the end.
    2) Kingdoms can rise and fall very quickly -as recent history shows. The USSR rose and fell within 70 years. The British Empire rose and fell in about 100 years. America has only been around as a “superpower” since the end of WWII – less than 70 years – and could easily fall and be replaced by another “superpower”.
    3) Biblical prophecy is centred on Israel and its surrounding nations. By “coincidence” Babylon was in that Middle eastern region. Is the resurgence of Islam a coincidence? Is it coincidence that the named anti-Israel nations in End time prophecy are all currently united under Islam?
    4) Babylon in Revelation is described as a “city”.

  16. 1) Yes, and when Jesus really does come back everyone will be saying “where is the promise of His coming”…..

    2) Well, according to popular theology, being that Israel became a nation in 1948, THAT generation (80 years) would see the time of the end…. Somewhere around 2028 IF the current Israel counts as “official”. Art Katz had doubts as to whether Israel would be scattered again…

    3) The part about Israel was answered above.

    The US still controls Iraq after the 2nd. gulf war, the location of ancient Babylon.

    But I try not to rely on “coincidence” but rather hard study and comparison of scripture to current events and seeing if it fits.

    Zerchariah 5 indicates the location of end time Babylon would be moved from it’s ancient location.

    Daniel does show that there will be many of the nations currently giving Israel a hard time in existence at the time of the end.

    4) Yes, a “great” city, one that would reign over the kings of the earth.

    New York City fits the bill quite well. It hosts the UN and is currently the financial capital of the world….

    When I first believed many years ago, the first time I read Revelation 17-19 I said to myself, “That sounds alot like NYC”….

    But study the words “great” and “city” for a better understanding that it’s a REAL big city..



  17. But in regards to point 4 above, I do find it quite a strange coincidence that New York state is called “The Empire State”

    I thought the US was a Constitutional Republic, NOT an Empire…..

    Oh well, looks like we’ve all had the wool pulled over our eyes in many and varied ways….

  18. Thanks, brother, for the scriptural sanity in your original blog.

    God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:9). Human political theories and systems (communist, democratic, socialist, and ALL others) are not God’s thoughts and ways.

    God’s only thought and way of governing mankind is HIS Own absolute rule: The Kingdom of God.

    Everything else is simply, irremediably, man’s flawed attempt to usurp God’s perfect will.

    In Jesus, Steve

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