When is a Presidential Prayer Breakfast Not a Presidential Prayer Breakfast?

Andrew Strom recently posted a video on his blog and remarked on the speaker’s boldness for speaking so strongly at a “Presidential Prayer Breakfast”.

Readers quickly posted their comments to ask whether the President had been there to hear such a strong call to repentance. Others were equally quick to point out he hadn’t attended, purposely avoiding a confrontation with the gospel.

The video started with an image of the Presidential Seal, implying its official status as a Presidential event and then continued with the speaker calling for the need for national repentance.

Eventually some of the blog commenters started to point out the lack of an actual gospel message, that Jesus was barely mentioned. There was no indication of His centrality to the gospel – that repentance was worthless without Jesus being the focus.

And then the BIG revelation. The whole “Presidential Prayer Breakfast” thing was a lie. It had no connection at all to the President. The use of the seal was unauthorised and deceptive.

For a short time Strom removed the video from his site after being made aware of the deceit involved. However he has since reinstated it after receiving a number of requests for it to be brought back. In doing so He changed his introductory statement, as quoted below.

“Jonathan Cahn at “Non”-Presidential Prayer Breakfast
I wanted to take down this video when I first found out the truth about it, but people have begged me to leave it up. However, I do find the presentation very misleading. Though they use the ‘Presidential Seal’ in this video – we have since found out that it was NOT truly an “official” Presidential prayer breakfast as we thought. Actually more of a Christian/ GOP type event. Anyway, below is Jonathan Cahn speaking in Washington. It is sad that it had to be presented in a misleading way. Especially using the Presidential seal like that. But he certainly made his point well.”

I find it disappointing that the video has been returned and giving a degree of undeserved legitimacy. Andrew admits he finds the “presentation very misleading” but still says the speaker “made his point well”.
I wonder what point he means: the point that deceit works? That it’s okay to mislead? Or that it’s fine to leave Jesus out of the gospel.
To me it seems like another example of the truth not really mattering.


11 thoughts on “When is a Presidential Prayer Breakfast Not a Presidential Prayer Breakfast?

  1. Dear Onesimus,
    Did you actually watch the video? He said in his closing that the only hope for America, is Yeshua (Jesus). I agree with everything he said. I don’t know how is was organized as an event, but I believe, the message was a final warning for America.

  2. No I didn’t watch it all myself, and after the revelation about the “Presidential Seal” deception I have no intention to do so.

    Personally I would disagree with the statement “the only hope for America”. Trying to turn America (or any other country) into a righteous nation is futile.

    Jesus is the only hope for AmericaNS.
    Nations cannot be saved (apart from future Israel) – but people from those nations CAN be through faith in Jesus.

    An interesting comment on Strom’s blog by Robert, the man who brought to light the deceptive use of the Presidential Seal:


    It delves further ino the speaker and his “prophetic” book The Harbinger.

    Links to the articles that Robert refers to and quotes:


    I have also seen that The Harbinger can be purchased witH A “STUDY GUIDE”!!!

  3. Dear O,
    To repent, means to turn to God. That is the hebrew meaning of repentence. I think Johnathan spoke the word for the hour, and maybe it didn’t set well with the Gentile mainstream church. Maybe he was too Jewish for their liking? He spoke the truth, American needs to repent. He ment the people who live in American, and there is nothing wrong with this. All people need to repent. He showed specific truths from the OT, and examples of what happened to Israel when they turned away from God. If you watch the video, then you could look up the scriptures and see for yourself. Just because some guy gets on his blog and rants about Johnathan Chan, does not matter to me, or change my mind about what was spoken. BTW, I read Jim Baker’s book, ” I was wrong ” , and have a lot of respect for the Man. Baker is a sincere believer in Yeshua, he made some bad choices, and repented. He is not a wing nut. Calling peopel names is very immature, not to mention an ungodly practice. I suggest you rethink your opinion about Johnathan Chan, and read The Harbinger. Then let us hear from you.

  4. I also read Bakker’s book and I’ve received personal correspondence from him. My copy of the book is autographed.
    But that was a long time ago. Where is he now and what is he doing now? Has he stayed away from the mistakes of his past? Has he stayed away from new (equally serious) mistakes?

  5. Dear O,
    I’ve watched him on TV, when I can. He seems very solid in his beliefs. He has not strayed away from the faith. Look him up on google, wait maybe not. lol. seems someone always has something negative to say.

  6. Is it harvestisripe’s decision to end discussion? It was said that harvestisripe sees people who used to have faith who no longer do, then — that’s the end. Well, some people think to get with God is to get with MIchelle Backman.

  7. Hi, brother:

    Just a couple thoughts come to mind on this latest brouhaha.

    Those who mislead American Christians with their self-serving political gospel are still at it (although the election results here show they already have 80% of “evangelicals’ ” hearts prepared to accept the enemy’s leadership, if he presents it as “conservative” and Republican). No surprise there.

    The father of lies uses deceit to co-opt Christians’ hearts. He always has, and still does, and always will. The only way to resist his misleading is uncompromising love of the Truth…Who Jesus said He IS.

    Andrew Strom was right to withdraw the video as soon as he became aware it was “very misleading,” and to
    apologize for his part in perpetrating it.

    It’s disappointing to learn Andrew has RE-posted it, after recognizing it is deceitful !! I hope he’ll re-think that decision.

    But most of all, I note Andrew re-posted the lie because people WANTED him to.

    That seems the crux of the matter. Why do Christians (or anyone) believe a lie ? Because they WANT to.

    In Jesus, Steve

  8. Hi Steve, when I read your statement “Andrew re-posted the lie because people WANTED him to” the following came to my mind:

    Jeremiah 5:31
    …the prophets prophesy lies… and my people love it this way.

  9. Right on, brother. That’s exactly the scripture that came to my mind as well.

    And that well characterizes what the “kingdom of man,” rival to the Kingdom of God, must always be: the mindset that NOT God’s will, but man’s, be done.

    In Jesus, Steve

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