Selective Condemnation

The following is my contribution to discussion here (where I am banned from contributing):

Homosexuals NEED to be accepted by the church as long as there is no compromise on the fact that homosexual relationships and acts are sin leading to death – JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SIN.

Those who find themselves attracted to people of their own gender who recognise they cannot give into that attraction are no different to the heterosexual who finds someone else’s spouse attractive but recognises the sinfulness of allowing lustful thoughts.

It’s where they allow that attraction to take them that is the issue.
Instead of condemnation and rejection, ALL people struggling with temptation need help and support to deal with their situation. Deliverance from lusts in their various forms is not always instantaneous – there can be a daily struggle, whether they are sexual lusts (related to either sex) or the lust of greed or covetousness.

It’s time for Christians to stop condemning people with struggles that have never personally affected them and time to start examining themselves to see where THEIR OWN struggle with sin lies.
As a balance to some of the views at that link I recommend this testimony:

It’s My Blog and I’ll Rant If I Want To (2)

The “”evil Obama” claims continue to be raised.

Yet again I’ve had anti-Obama propaganda mailed to me. Apparently he is more evil than any previous President. Why? He is incompetent. He has ambitions to be a communist dictator. He supports abortion. He has “spent America into a financial hole…

If these things weren’t coming from “Christians” I’d laugh it off and write about something else, but unfortunately it is MAINLY Christians that I’ve heard saying these things.
I’ve addressed some of these things before, but for those who have refused to pay attention let me address them again.

More than any of his predecessors? Even after some of the atrocious acts and decisions made by previous Presidents?

Only in America could that political ideology continue to instil such epic proportioned fear. It’s the national equivalent of the boogie man. McCarthyism has a lot to answer for – suppressing a nation’s maturity with threats of red monsters in closets or under the bed, biding their time… Obama is NO communist. The label has been applied ONLY to cause suspicion in a nation still suffering from fears instilled in the fifties.

Abortion was legal in America LONG before Obama came on the scene and was legalised under a republican administration. It has been legal for all of Obama’s adult life and as such his views reflect the immorality of his secular nation – he did not set the agenda.

Surely this can’t be serious?
America has been in a “financial hole” throughout its history with spending being far above income. Bill Clinton introduced policies to reverse that practice and the economy WOULD have been turned around by now if not for George W Bush’s tax cuts to the rich and his two expensive (and unnecessary) wars. It was the Bush administration that led America and the world into the “Global Financial Crisis and Obama was left to put the pieces back together.

Can we now have an end to the anti-Obama hate campaign? An end to the lies and misrepresentations?

It’s My Blog and I’ll Rant If I Want To (1)

Subtitled: Tolerance seems to be a one way street.

Last week Australia had a visit from Geerts Wilders, a Dutch politician who came to speak about his fears related to Islam.

The first news report I saw of him showed Wilders braving a gauntlet of vocal (apparently non-moslem) protestors. These people were clearly taking advantage of the “freedom of speech” they were trying to deny to Wilders. My thought on seeing this crowd was “try exercising that right in Saudi Arabia”. Maybe if they also made a visit to an Islamic state to protest against the persecution of Christians I could take their anti-Wilders protest more seriously.

Then on Sunday, Wilder’s was interviewed by Andrew O’Keefe on Weekend Sunrise. O’Keefe tried his best to talk over his guest insisting Wilders was wrong about Islam – not an easy thing to get across considering Wilders has lived under close guard for around a decade because of death threats from “extremist” moslems.

O’Keefe also tried to quote the bible to show that the “Judeo-Christian tradition” was no less violent than that of Islam. Considering Wilders isn’t a Christian or a Jew I didn’t see the relevance. Neither do I see the point of quoting out of context sentences from the Bible (or the Koran) to prove the violent nature of a religion. Wouldn’t it be far more relevant to observe the nature of the present day societies that are allegedly founded on the religions in question (the nations that are governed by religious law) and see what they are like in practice?

This post is not intended as an endorsement of Wilders or his views.

Books, Reading and Writing Blog

Since my previous post I’ve taken the step of creating a new blog:

The first few posts will be relevant articles copied from here and from my earlier “literary” blog. They will be posted over the next few days. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I write some new material for it, but at the moment I’m still trying to figure out WordPress so I can create the look and include the features I want.

The new blog will be entirely focused on “literature” in its various forms, taking into account my personal faith in Jesus and other less important interests.

I’ll still be posting here about non-literary things.

Anniversary! And Thoughts of a New Blog

I was going to make an announcement to mark the anniversary of the beginning of this blog – but I missed it! I thought I still had a week to go, but I’ve just checked the oldest of my posts and found it was dated at the beginning of February and not the end of the month as I thought.

Even after a year I’m no clearer of the blog’s direction. It retains a mixture of my various interests but overall it’s centre is my faith in Jesus.

For the immediate future I wont be making any changes. The only difference I’ve been considering is starting a separate blog about the books I’ve been reading – resurrecting my “out of shadows” blog (originally here: on WordPress.

While a separate blog will have its advantages (receiving review copies of books being one) I don’t like the feeling of always having to write about the things I’ve read. Obligatory reviews can be a chore to write, and if I can’t maintain my own interest when writing a review, what hope is there of interesting potential readers of my reviews?

Golgotha II

Next month 5 of my paintings will be included in a local exhibition. Yesterday I made the final selection and mailed my registration.

I hesitated over the painting below, but decided to include it.
Golgotha II

The painting refers to the crucifixion of Jesus as the King of the Jews. I’ve given it the title Golgotha II

The other four paintings included are: Golgotha, Prophet, Metamorphose (see my “art by Onesimus” page), and Consuming Fire (see the “art by Onesimus 2013” page).