Recession? Depression? Double Dips?

I’m no expert in finance but I find the graphs at this site are interesting, showing periods of recession in the USA since WWII.

The graph I find particularly interesting is the last one that shows the state of the economy during the different presidential periods.

One reason I post the link is because of the “prophecies” I’ve written about before. These graphs show how wrong those predictions have been.


5 thoughts on “Recession? Depression? Double Dips?

  1. Onesimus, thanks for your observations. I share your dismay over the whole misuse of the gift of prophecy. My understanding of prophecy under the new Covenant is that prophecy is now to be practiced by the humblest of God’s children (eg Acts 2) to encourage and edify the assemblied people of God as S.Paul says in his letters. Prophesing to the nation or nations has been superceeded by a prophetic people who speak to their own communities of faith. “For you can all prophesy in turn so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged.” (1 Cor 14:31). I cant think of anywhere in the NT of examples of prophesying to whole nations but to only to fellow believers eg Agabus to Paul in Acts. Of course Jesus prophesied to the nation of Israel and his prophecies to the whole of the world resound and speak today as never before. Since Pentecost, all is changed.

  2. Ian,
    The only possible NT example I can think of of prophets not directing their words to their own “community of faith” would be the two witnesses in revelation. But these two have a prophetic role unlike any other prophet throughout the rest of scripture (OT and NT) – so can’t really be used as examples of the general NT prophetic ministry.

  3. I find this comment interesting:
    ““Paul Ashworth, an analyst with Capital Economics called this GDP report ‘The best-looking contraction in US GDP you’ll ever see’ “.

    A little bit different to the “prophetic” claims predicting doom and gloom by the end of 2011.

  4. And they will not float down from heaven either.
    They will be two men born in sin on Earth.
    Two regular men who are taken from obscurity and humble origins and prepared for the ministry they dread to perform.
    They will be responsible for the repentance of a portion of Israel and the establishment of actual Christianity in the tribulation.

    Enough of that though. I just point out the fact that regular people can be given that type of role in the body of Messiah Yeshua. It will happen as God wills and to whom God wills. Their is nothing preventing God from sending his servants to the nations. Who can stop Him if He chooses to do so?

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