10 thoughts on ““Stop Insulting Our Intelligence!”: recommended article

  1. Wow! This is a touchy subject if ever there was one, and I’m involved here. I guess this is where I come out; I’m a Christian Jew, my origins being quite like those in Fiddler on the Roof, a Schtetel, but in Poland.

    There’s nothing new in the article, nothing new in Jew hating or bating, we’re used to it, it’s in our psyche our inherited memory. What pains us is we love people so much and yet they hate us. We Christian Jews have the Messiah to share with you and yet … you chose your own Messiah. A plastic formation unknown to God, that’s the God of Israel, by the way.

    Go ahead, print your cartoons of us, who cares, we don’t. Yes it hurts a little, but the Jew has been despised for 3,000 years, nothing new there; find a Jew and find broad shoulders, they’re everywhere.

    What’s more, there are far more Jews and half Jews than the Gentile will ever know. Oh! You could even be married/living with a half Jew!! Do you know?

    Now, as a matter of fact, the article is wrong. There were, by all records I’ve known, six million Jews killed in the concentration camps; and that takes no account of so very many others who were killed in Latvia, Estonia, the Channel Islands et al. Six million is a guessimate. But that takes no account of the Poles, Czechs, and other Slavs who were killed in the camps, nor the gays, gypsies, insane (?) and so very many others.

    The article is flawed, research is poor and based on hearsay. But I thank you and applaud you for posting it. That’s an act of partisanship with the Jewish people. We welcome your help and support. Amen and amen.

  2. Hi Martin,
    the writer of the article is a Jewish believer in Jesus.The point of the article was to show yet another example of anti-Semitism displayed by the media.

  3. I’m truly sorry to say this, Onesimus, but the writer comes over as a rather ill informed, weak representation of the Jewish people. The facts are not correct. It could be, the writer will anger Jews more than the cartoons@

  4. Martin, could you please tell me what you mean by “We Christian Jews have the Messiah to share with you and yet … you chose your own Messiah. A plastic formation unknown to God, that’s the God of Israel, by the way.” I didn’t understand that part.


  5. Bill,
    Of course, Martin can answer for himself when he gets the opportunity, but this is the way I read Martin’s comments:

    1) he was addressing the Jew haters and baiters
    2) he refers to the true Messiah recognised by Jewish “Chrisitans” (and gentile disciples of that Jewish Messiah)
    3) compared to the “plastic” messiah (or Jesus) that is followed by the cultural/institutionalised (and often anti-semitic) church
    4) That plastic messiah is not associated with the True God (who is the God of Israel).

  6. He says “we Christian Jews have the Messiah”. To me a very arrogant and disturbing statement. I don’t want to burst his bubble but he can’t possess want created you…..

  7. I’m sure the matter of “possessing” wasn’t intended.
    The issue of the original post only becomes clouded if we get distracted by the intended (or not) meanings of individual words in someone’s comments.

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