Insight or Incite? Andrew Strom Gets it Right…

A few quotes from Andrew Strom’s latest blog post:

I am writing this because I continue to believe that US Christians are being “driven” toward something very ugly. There is a lot of nasty rhetoric flying around that is the very opposite of Christ-like.

We have spoken before about the dangers of mixing Christianity with “nationalism” – of wrapping the Bible in the flag – and calling it ‘orthodox’ Christianity. This stuff is not just dangerous – it is deadly. There have been countless wars and countless millions killed down the centuries by this very thing. Mixing “patriotism” with Christianity and using that to motivate people – to get them riled up and mad enough to go “fight” somebody or riot in the streets, or whatever. Hitler used just this kind of patriotism to get himself elected. And I see this very same anger rising amongst some Christian conservatives in America. You are being “driven” toward something – and it is very ugly.

a lot of this involves behavior that is totally “anti” Christian. -And despite being a great political document, the US Constitution is not a “Christian” document, and therefore fighting and screaming and name-calling over that document is not a “Christian” activity either. True Christians do not stand or fall by the US Constitution. They stand or fall by the actual word of God. And that is the only piece of writing that they should ever get so stirred up about.

Friends – we have a great mixing of Nationalism and Religion going on. And it is getting uglier and uglier.

This mixing of American nationalism and religion that Strom mentions is something I’ve also seen for some time. And it IS ugly – and some of the ugly symptoms I’ve seen recently have been written about elsewhere on my blog: such as attitudes to guns and the “right” to bear arms, the lies that have been promoted (by “Christians”) in opposition to President Obama, the belief in the myth of America’s Christian foundations established by the “founding fathers”…

I found Strom’s article to be very interesting and insightful, but the clearest revelation comes in the comments section. Far too many of the commenters don’t realise how strongly they PROVE the validity of what Strom has written in their desperation to defend Americanism and American “freedoms”.

Many tell Strom to stop commenting on the American situation. What would he know about America? He doesn’t understand so should restrict himself to commenting on his own nation.
In these demands, those people seem to make a few wrong assumptions:
1) That what happens in America stays in America
2) That other nations aren’t affected by American attitudes and actions
3) That the rest of the world is just as insular as America – and therefore would be just as ignorant of American issues as Americans are of the rest of the world.

In taking offense at the idea that a non-US citizen should point out perceived problems within the USA, the very warning against confusing/amalgamating nationalism with religion is shown as valid. Strom was not attacking America or Americans. He was expressing a concern about the attitudes and actions of CHRISTIANS who live in America. His concern is addressing (assumed) citizens of the Kingdom of GOD NOT citizens of America.
He expresses concern that the two SEPARATE Kingdoms are being merged in the hearts of far too many, producing a dangerous and ugly hybrid.
He is calling for people of GOD’S Kingdom to recognise which Kingdom they belong to and to be devoted to THAT Kingdom’s interests above those of a foreign Kingdom.

In defending their “American rights” and a perceived attack on America and Americans, it seems that many reveal the “Kingdom” closest to their hearts – the Kingdom they find most worthy of loving and protecting.

Full article and comments can be found here:

8 thoughts on “Insight or Incite? Andrew Strom Gets it Right…

  1. Spot on Onesimus! I agree entirely with you thoughtful comments.

    Seems like a prophet has no honour in another country either–if he speaks the truth. “The love of many grows cold” … even the elect seem to be deceived. How great is the deception. Hope lies in the dust if these so-called Christians are to be believed.

  2. Ian, What is happening in America is very disturbing – althought its not really a new thing. I recall Jimmy Swaggert (before exposure led to his downfall) lamented the rise of a one world government under antichrist – because it meant America would lose its sovereignty.

    I heard today that Obama is the most threatened President in US history. I have to wonder how much US “christians” have contributed to that status considering the amount of hate I’ve seen expressed towards him by professing christians.

  3. Here is a recent example of the comments being made on Strom’s Revivalschool blog. This one from “Joyce”:

    Obama is an enemy of the Cross and the Blood of Calvary. He is not our King, nor our Cesar….but simply put into office to enforce that which is the ruling power of the nation of the USA, the Constitution and it’s laws. He is a Muslim, Communist who has harmed far more than we could even imagine.
    He put into effect partial birth abortion which has the doctor ram scissors into the brain of a full term healthy infant. If the infant survives, the baby is thrown aside and no one is permitted to try to save it or help it in it’s suffering and agony in any way. He has ordered thousand of drone killings in foreign lands destroying the lives of hundreds of innocent children with adults. And we overstate his evils? We shall see about that when he stands at judgment of a Holy righteous God.

    My answer could not be posted on the blog. Strom has banned my participation because I’ve previously challenged him on his refusal to repent of failed predictions he made.
    This is what I have tried to post in reply to the above:

    Obama is neither a muslim nor a communist. You spread those obvious lies about him so why should anyone believe what you say about his attitude on abortion (which may or may not be true?)
    It is lies like those you are spreading that are part of the problem eating at the heart of US Christendom. Note I didn’t say at the heart of the church or Christianity – I mean that corrupt amalgamation of religion and nationalism infecting the USA and masquerading as “the true faith”.
    Also I’m sure the lives of more “innocent children” were destroyed a long time before Obama was in office. I suggest you look back a few years to the reign of the Bush family and the effect both George’s had on the children of Iraq (as well as Afghanistan).
    This demonic hostility aimed at Obama by professing Christians is one of the clearest signs of the corruption of the American “church”.
    Obama is the secular leader of a secular nation. Followers of Jesus have a different leader: the King of Kings and citizenship in a different “nation”. Lies and hatred are not the currency of that King or His Kingdom.

  4. Ones.

    Stroms comment from the article: “They stand or fall by the actual word of God. And that is the only piece of writing that they should ever get so stirred up about.”

    This is laughable as I had him tell me via PM some 5 years ago at Revival “School” that “There is no razors edge” when it comes to the Word of God.

    Sadly, I, an insignificant member of the “laity” had to remind him of the following scripture:

    Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

    “Sharper than any two-edged sword”

    BTW, he didn’t reply…….

    I don’t take much stock in Stroms piece as his track record is dismal in speaking the truth consistantly.

    I’m not saying what he is saying IN THIS PARTICULAR INSTANCE is wrong but I suspect he is trying to earn “brownie points” to win back some financial contributers to his new false prophet franchise…

    His business names are quite telling:

    Revival School

    John the Baptist TV…..

    Does he fancy himself a John the Baptist type? If so, he is off to a sorely bad start….

    Honestly though, NO Chrtistian should consider themselves part of this world in general OR part of the countries they live in whether it is the US or any other country. I do believe in using our “Roman citizenship” when needed however…. as Paul did in Acts when treated badly by some wicked magistrates….

    We are suppsed to be strangers and sojourners here from what the “razors edge” tells us plainly….

  5. I have not held back in telling Andrew Strom when he’s been wrong, even though I knew it would result in the inevitable banning from his forums and blogs (and separation from fellowship with others I’ve met in those places). But equally, when he gets things right I won’t hold back either.

    The results of Andrew’s stubbornness are there for everyone to see. Compare where he was several years ago at the beginnings of the original Revival School to where he is today.

    The Lord is merciful – some who have prophesied falsely have gone onto “superstardom” and maintain a large devoted following despite their obvious deviations from the truth. Andrew has been saved from that and his influence has shrunken. Someone must be praying for him.

    MY prayer is that Andrew will finally admit the mistakes he has made and that he will confess and apologise for his false prophecies while he still has the chance to do so.

    [Sadly, but maybe predictably, Strom followed up this article with another that places its trust in a variety of claimed “prophecies”. Will he ever learn? He may have left the prophetic movement but has the prophetic movement left him? Hasn’t he learned caution from all of the failed prophecies he promoted in the past?]

  6. Hi Ones,

    The thing is, I don’t think Andrew has EVER totally repented of his involvement in the “Kansas City Prophets”…

    Here is an interesting article from yesterday that seems to be where things are headed in the US.

    Utah Sheriffs tell Obama: We’re ready to die defending Constitution against your gun-grabbing scheme

    The governor of Mississippi has stated something very similar as well as leaders in Texas stating that any federal agents that try to confiscate will be charged with a felony.

  7. I think Andrew’s problem precedes his involvement with the KC prophets. What was it that made him fall for them in the first place?

    He might have left THAT group through disillusionment, but the obsession with “the prophetic” that led him around the world to Kansas City is just as strong.

    I’ve seen him writing about not despising prophecy on a number of occasions – but I have yet to see him give Paul’s complete instruction: Don’t despise prophecy, TEST ALL THINGS, accept what is good.

    Despising prophecy is not (only) about rejecting the validity of the gift, a lack of testing claimed prophecies is no less despising it.

  8. Agreed Onesimus, a lack of testing is tantamount to despising prophecy. However, when a so called prophet is so consistently wrong, both in testing the spirits and in it’s our working, then we must conclude another spirit is at work misguiding the flock. A wolf no less!!

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