Stories What I Wrote.

Bachelor of Creative Arts. That’s the course I started mid-1990. But within a week I’d applied for a transfer to a plain, ordinary Bachelor of Arts degree.
My intended major was Creative Writing, but as a BCA student I was required to do other Arts related subjects that I wasn’t keen to study at that time. Things I thought were irrelevant to my reasons for being at University. So I added Literature to my major and increased my reading obligations by a ridiculous amount. By the time I graduated my love of reading had been undermined (but that’s another story).

To be accepted for the BCA I had to submit a portfolio of work to assess whether I was a suitable candidate for the school. Whatever I submitted must have shown potential because I was accepted. I no longer have any of those old pieces of writing. They were thrown out many years ago.

My memory of that portfolio is hazy, but I’m sure it contained a few fragmentary stories very loosely based on nostalgic memories of my teens. Actual experiences were spiced up and combined with a lot of “what ifs” – “What if I’d done this instead of that?”… I also had my characters doing some of the things my friends and I WOULD have done, if only we’d been less restrained by thoughts of consequences.

The only complete stories I recall from around that time were two fantasy/science fiction short stories.
One involved the crew of a space station who one by one were being killed, until the last man standing, realising he must be the killer (though he can’t recall any of the murders) is suddenly confronted by the truth. The story touched upon the subliminal effects of advertising. And considering no one will ever get to read the story which no longer exists – I’ll spoil the ending: the cat did it.

I’m not sure why a cat would be included in the crew of a space station. Maybe that’s a question the writers of Alien can answer.

In space no one can hear you meow!

In space no one can hear you meow!

The other story started off with the discovery of an unconscious woman on the beach. I no longer remember details, apart from the contrived “twist” at the end where she it is revealed she is a mermaid. Clearly her rescuer wasn’t the brightest “knight in shining armour”, not noticing that the woman he was carrying to safety had a tail instead of legs.
So my first fully formed stories weren’t works of literary art, but I had enough naïve hope at the time to keep discouragement at bay.

(to be continued… maybe)


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  1. ROFL

    Cats are pretty nifty little creatures.

    I thought about a bachelor of creative arts at one time long ago but was not encouraged in art after grade school at all, while I had been in choir and visual arts — just a little acting, too, and I don’t remember what all. Oh, I had written and continued to write poetry for one thing (just on my own, the rhyming kind). It went over well (in school newspapers and among a few friends).

    [I don’t know why my parents were discouraging about almost everything when it came to college. They didn’t want me to be a teacher (like both of them were) or an artist (as my dad was); my mom even poo-pooed urban planning. I have pretty much decided they were a bit immature. (That’s what is attributable to both of them.) Since I had been trained to obey and honor, I was not well-served in all that. Encouragement is a main feature for my own children.]

    I would have found “Creative Writing” demanding for my natural talent, as a major anyway. I’d have focused on visual arts. I don’t think I would have even chosen writing as secondary. I would’ve liked dance for another area and would have had to figure what else; not sure I’d have had the courage for dance and… eh, theater or music. Though I’d danced in high school (because a teacher had asked me to), I felt like that was more to leave behind me as childish. Anyway, while I got “A”s in English and writing, you’re better at it.

  2. One reason I switched from a BCA to a BA was the BCA included a section on theatre in which performance of a short drama piece was required. I have no ability at all to memorise more than a few sentences of text (I can just about recite part of Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” speech but that’s about it!) so wasn’t too keen on being required to act – not being able to remember the required dialogue.

    If I was starting the course now I’d be interesting to adding Visual Arts in place of some of the other things I did, but I don’t know what I could have dropped to make room for it.

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