2013: First Paintings

A landcape and a self-portrait

1 2013

2 2013

The landscape was mostly created with heavy sprays of water onto the paint, causing it to run across the tipped canvas (A slight Frankenthaler influence). I then added a few touches with a brush. I’m quite happy with the result which reminds me of some of Fred Williams work (if only!)

The portrait was done on a canvas that I’d been using for months but always with disappointing results. Colours from the failed paintings show through the swirls and smears of paint that I quickly applied on top.
After I covered the canvas I turned it this way and that until I saw a potential face.

Other angles had shown different possibilities but I was hesitant to add to Albert Tucker’s Images of Modern Evil series. Some of those potential images I saw in the swirls bordered on the creepy.


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