Prophecies failed and Prophecy Fulfilled

A few days ago I commented on the false prophecies of Nathan Leal. This “watchman” regularly posts predictions on his own website and is a regular guest on Rick Wiles’ misnamed Trunews broadcasts.

Last year a group of “watchmen” (including Leal) appeared on one of these broadcasts and they predicted variations of the same event: the downfall of America, highlighting the month of August 2012.

Was there something significant in August 2012 that caused (or will cause) the downfall of America? Not that I’m aware of – although the re-election of Obama did come after August and considering Leal’s expressed hostility towards the President he would probably point to that re-election as fulfilment of that predicted event (albeit a couple of months late).

I have also listened to another Rick Wiles recording with Nathan Leal and other guests in a Trunews. Broadcast from 14 January 2011, it included the prediction that the American Dollar would be replaced by a new currency by July 2011.
Still waiting Rick and co.!

But then again, the same broadcast predicted a major (unspecified) 2011 event relating to the UN that would result in the establishment of the New World Order in 2012. That was stated as being a message from the Lord received by another of one of the three guests: Augusto Perez.
Still waiting Augusto! (Perez is another man with a website listing years and years of his prophecies the majority if not all have failed).

Even in this brief commentary on some the claims made by these men it should be clear how far off the rails they are. Despite repeatedly making false predictions they are able to maintain a following. And considering that Leal, Perez and Wiles all have “donate” buttons on their websites – it seems they have a PAYING following. People willing to support their false prophecies financially.

Jesus said that “he who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward”. But what about those who receive and support false prophets?

These “watchmen” continually come up with predictions of political upheaval – none of which have been fulfilled outside of their own imaginations. They tend to link their predictions to endtime events and try to convey the impression that they have some inside revelation about the way current events are fulfilling biblical prophecy.

However, they seem to miss a major aspect of biblical endtime prophecy: predictions made by Jesus Himself. That an increasing feature of endtime events would be the presence of false prophets who would deceive MANY.

Sadly Leal, Wiles, Perez and their followers overlook the fact that they are part of the fulfilment of Jesus’ words.

22 thoughts on “Prophecies failed and Prophecy Fulfilled

  1. Very timely piece. This is something I have just realized in the last day or two. I was up until 7:30 this morning researching this, and the Bible is quite clear about these people. So…No more feeling nervous or anxious while listening to the words of men. No more. I don’t regret my path, but i do wish I had spent that time in the Word, and not on SW broadcasts or an mp3 file. I have since disassociated myself from these men. I even had a personal # of one of them. Emphasis on had.

    Please note what is not at the bottom of this reply. That would be a paypal button…

  2. Good to hear you have seen the truth about men like these. Many years ago I was also caught up in this kind of thing. I love a good “conspiracy” and I easily fell for stories and claims that linked them with biblical prophecy. I was naive enough to think that “Christians” never lie and would never spread falsehood. And then I started to turn to scripture instead of man’s interpretation of scripture…

    What a difference THAT made.

  3. Hi Ones,

    I’ve had my share of “encounters” with Nathan as well as Andrew Strom.

    I was under the false impression that those who came out of the established “church” were by default, “REAL Christians” by virtue of their universal rejection of it.

    But…. I have since found that assumption is as false, if not more false, than the established “church”….

    I still peruse sites like Steve Quayle, “Tru” News and others although now I stand at arms length and test all articles and stories by the Word of God.

    When it comes to “prophets”, I am VERY sceptical as to whether ANY of these men have ever heard from the Lord in their entire lives…….

    Very sad state of affairs but this was prophesied to come to pass by One we all know to be THE True Prophet, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

    Pray for the true brethren throughout the world that we may all remain aware and on guard of the deceptive days that we live in.

  4. “Tru” news is no less a home for false prophets than anywhere associated with “the prophetic movement” and Wagner’s NAR.

    Nathan Leal fits in well with them.

  5. Jeremiah 23:30 “Therefore behold, I am against the prophets,” says the Lord, “who steal My words every one from his neighbor.

    They all go around stealing words from each other. Rick “Wiles”, Steve Quayle, WND, Nathan the “watchman”, etc…

    I emailed Nathan the following scripture in regard to his weak “leadership” of his deceived flock several years ago….

    Isaiah 56:10 His watchmen are blind, They are all ignorant; They are all dumb dogs, They cannot bark; Sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.

    Needless to say, it wasn’t well received to say the least….

    Here is an interesting article posted on Quayles site just yesterday…..

    [link deleted]

    NOTE: I do NOT agree with this mans stance. I barely read the first paragraph when I closed it due to being sick to my stomach from what I was reading….

    Nevertheless, the constitution IS the law of the land (for now) in the US for the people and the leaders who are hell bent on destroying it.

    “Just obeying orders” didn’t work for Hitlers cronies any more than it will work for the American gestapo…..

  6. Like you I read very little of that article. It IS sickening – It is a demonic, antichristian manifesto contrary to the nature and purposes of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The path it promotes will take its author and his followers on a fast track to hell.

    After some thought I decided to delete the link you gave but to give an idea of the flavour of the article here are the first few lines of its introductory “poem”

    To prevent the unforeseen when I’m alone and down the block
    I pack a Holy Bible…a Bible and a Glock.
    If the enemy opposing has a Christian soul to seal
    I will bless him with a scripture, but if not… with lead and steel.

  7. Yes, that is where he lost me as well.

    That poem is sick, disgusting and anti-christ to the core.

  8. Eeek. I missed this topic until now. I’m glad, Onesimus, that you both removed the link and gave a clue what was there. And, U…Servant, I’m glad you mentioned WND. I’m not familiar with the others listed here, and am not actually familiar with WND either (but I’ve heard a few disconcerting things about that one recently).

  9. I forgot how I became aware of Andrew Strom. I remember that I was reading one of his articles and ran across a comment of his. (I forget the details)
    The comment was some positive support for that false prophet, Branham, who has a whole slew of lunatics who carry his demonic banner and preach his heretical message.

    So I emailed Andrew about his views about Branham (assuming that I may have mistaken his view). I have not received a response. Instead, he added me to an email list.
    It is clear, at first glance, that he is correct about many things. Unfortunately, he gives way to any old word that people say is from God.

    I believe in the gift of prophecy because I have it. Unfortunately, false prophets are EVERYWHERE, and anyone would be right to be skeptical. Many of the “visions” he promotes are in direct contradiction to what God has told both me, and the few genuine prophets that I know of.

    I am still searching the web for a few false prophecies or doctrines that I can use to help others see him for what he is. Any advice as to where I can look?

  10. The main false prophecies that I could point to are those related to the American economy, which I understand can still be found on one of his websites. They are the ones I’ve referred to on this blog. Have a look through the posts here: Start from the article “Recession? Depression? Double Dips?”

    But note, some of the links to articles and comments on Andrew’s blogs no longer work – he has deleted a few things.
    It is quite rare for Andrew to make his own predictions – he usually promotes (publishes) those made by others and invites comment. His main problem is in his undiscerning attitude to prophecy combined with the influence of his mailing list.
    As you found his usual response to email enquiries is to add the enquirer to his mailing list. At one time I was receiving two copies to different addresses – but have now been cut off.

  11. To consider any supposed vision to be from God is folly.
    I kept my visions a secret from everyone for 10 years until they started to come true. Only when I realized that what Jesus told me has a 100% accuracy rate, did I know that Messiah Yeshua speak to me.

    People are not fearful of God anymore and that is why anyone with a religious dream thinks it’s from God.

    They (false prophets) have one thing in common: they falsely think that visions are all there is to the gift of prophecy. Having a correct testimony of Jesus Christ and knowing His Word is the greatest ministry of a prophet of God.

  12. Well here it is September and sadly Leal and Quayle have found another place to roost on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. I was on WCF a few years ago and experienced Donna’s wrath and Nathan’s refusal to answer emails. They use fear, even making it clear they are willing to call anyone a fool for not accepting their ‘words’ from God. I wrote to warn the Hagmanns to no avail so no longer listen to their show. God help them and open the eyes of people that follow all of these men. We must use discernment and listen only adhere to the Word of God. If He needs to tell us something we don’t need a mere man to do it for Him.

  13. It’s now at least two Augusts that have gone by without fulfillment of their predictions. I guess some year in the future some kind of “fulfillment” will occur before August.

    The acceptance and following of this kind of people shows us that many are not interested in the truth, they’ll believe what they want to believe regardless of the clear facts. Ironically, in peddling their false prophecies, they fail to see that THEY themselves are fulfilling biblical many prophecies about the rise of false prophets.

  14. Quayle is what you call a “Take over man”, finds a place to roost and takes it over. Mr Hagmann on his own isn’t such a bad guy but if you lay down with dogs you rise up with fleas.
    I have lots of dreams and I only share them privately with one person, more for record keeping than anything else.
    It may be wrong of me to think this way but if a guy has a past of being incorrect in predictions then what makes me think he’s correct now?? So I take any predictions with a large truckload of salt.
    Thanks very much but I’ll take my chances and work out MY salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord rather than listen to these people.
    For it will do me no good that day standing before the Lord God, when he asks me why didn’t you…..?? And my actions are bought into account and I say , Well Lord I was listening to Quayle, Leal, hagmann and Perez.
    I don’t think that will help me.
    Thanks I’ll take my chances on what the actual Bible says and act accordingly.

  15. If only more people had such an attitude instead of running here and there to base their lives on the latest (false) prophecy and to follow a favoured (proven false) prophet.

  16. While I’m at it question did you review John Baptists site (yes he’s called John Baptist)
    I have my own suspicions but leave it and see if I’m right or not.
    I did a search nothing here on your site.
    Augusto goes there a lot.

  17. Hi David,
    I’m not aware of that site.
    I don’t look out for people and sites promoting error. The ones that I’ve written about are those that I’ve had some kind of personal contact with. Nathan Leal, for example, I met on the Revival School forum several years ago before he got so deeply into the rubbish he promotes now.

    Augusto Perez was involved in a discussion I heard that also included Nathan Leal. Prior to that I hadn’t heard of him and after my inital investigations into who he is and what he says I’ve paid no more attention to him.

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  19. I’ve been listening to Steve Quayle and Augusto Perez quite a bit lately. Quayle doesn’t call himself a prophet but a “watchman “. Perez tends to do a bit more of “The Lord showed me this or that ” and make predictions. I glean info from people and always take it to the Spirit for yea or nay. It’s not really fair to call them false prophets since neither one of them calls themselves a prophet. I think their warnings in general are worth noting and Quayle is quite the author and researcher regarding Biblical topics that have increasing relevancy as the Day of the Lord approaches.
    Like many on this board I get tired of over reaction and hyped up predictions that don’t happen when they say they are going to happen but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water here.

  20. Hi peter, if someone continually claims that God showed or told them something and they make predictions based on those claims; and if the predictions fail, they are false prophets, no matter what label they may choose to apply to themselves.
    As such they have the option of confessing their error and repenting of it – or they can pretend their failed prediction is of no consequence.

    As we come into contact with people making claims like those we need to heed Paul.

    “Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good.”

    Having a casual attitude to prophecy is no less despising of the gift than rejecting prophecy all together, so it is VITAL that it is put to the test. Those that fail the test should be avoided, and we should only hold on to that which is proven good.

    While Perez and Leal et al have made a lot of predictions (all failed) regarding events showing how close the end times are – the most common prediction that Jesus made about end times was the increase of false prophets and other “ministers”. That is one prophecy that is definitely coming true in our time and we would be wise to heed those warnings given by Jesus.

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