New Year and False Prophecy

hour of judgement 1Around this time each year we start to get what I call “women’s magazine” prophets emerging to give us their predictions for the year ahead. I use that label because I find these “prophets” to be no different from the psychics and astrologers who are called upon by popular women’s magazines to give their announcements of what can be expected in the world during the coming year especially involving celebrities.

In contrast to the celebrity emphasis of those psychics, the “christian prophets” generally fall into two categories, appealing to their differing camps of followers. You will find those predicting exciting things ahead, revival, refreshing, fruitfulness, prosperity; and you will find others predicting doom and gloom, judgement and destruction.

Despite the vastly differing messages, these prophets have some important things in common.

1) They are mostly wrong and their predictions fail

2) They rarely admit their mistakes

3) They’ll be back later with new predictions.

One of the first predictions I’ve been made aware of this year is one relating to Obama’s coming Inauguration. It is predicted that: “….one of the chief princes of the underworld is going to spiritually invade the White House on January 20, 2013” and this entity will “will influence the US leadership to succumb to war and destruction…”

The “prophet” (he prefers the label “watchman”) has a track record consistent with the three points I list above. His predictions continually fail but he is always able to give justification – giving reinterpretations of his earlier statements to make his predictions fit what actually happened (or not). This time he pre-empts his own failure by saying: “this event will take place in the invisible realm beyond the focus of most people.” So only a certain minority will have the spiritual insight to see his prediction coming to pass.

In another time and another place this “watchman” could have been a tailor to emperors


I have been hesitant about giving this link to the “watchman’s” article referring to this prediction but I decided to include it with the suggestion that it should not be accessed without extreme caution and prayer. The site is a mix of convoluted/esoteric interpretations of scripture with more than a dash of occultic conspiracy theory.

3 thoughts on “New Year and False Prophecy

  1. “…will influence the US leadership to succumb to war and destruction”

    In this prediction the “watchman” seems to be more than a decade and one president too late.

  2. When in the appropriate frame of mind, modern Prophets are better entertainment than TV or politicians. They have a particular ability to state the obvious, wrapping it in ecclesiastical clap trap, veiling the package behind a miasma of assumed sincerity and personal contact with the Heavenlies and making some very fast bucks out of it.

    The alarming thing is so many people’s ability to ‘sniff out’ (carefully avoiding ecclesiastical words) the truth from deception has been dulled, or even annihilated, that prophets and preachers alike become demi-gods.

    Safest bet these days? Predict disaster. One cannot go wrong, providing the prediction, (it’s not a prophecy) isn’t too specific. Even journalists do that!

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