46 thoughts on “Guns Don’t Kill People

  1. They should ban steak knives as well…

    And forks
    And nail files
    Lets not forget pocket knives!
    And chop sticks… sticks in general come to think of it…
    Stones as well…

    In fact, we should all be reduced to wearing bicycle helmets 24/7 and eating with rubber coated baby spoons in a world paved with astroturf on top of 3 meters of foam padding so we can all be blissfully safe…

  2. But on a more serious note..

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.

    And oh how the world has begged for peace and safety since 9/11….

  3. Guns are a tough topic here in the United States. I am not sure what the answers are. I am convinced that it would be hard to enact a gun ban law as we have so many guns. I own two myself and they are loaded at this moment. I know many, many people who are like minded and so I don’t think it would sit well if the government asked us to turn over our guns. Frankly, many would point to Nazi Germany or the Empire of Japan or the Soviet Union as examples where the government took the guns and then turned them on their own citizens. The United States was founded with the belief in guns because of the British soldiers forcing their way upon the colonial citizens. The founding fathers wanted the citizens armed so that the government would not be able to force their way upon the citizens and by in large, it has worked.

    But the bottom line is not gun control but the gospel. The US needs the gospel. We don’t need to follow the examples of Europe or other nation. We need the gospel. We need disciples to not preach for or against guns but preach Christ (1 Cor. 2:1-5). This alone will produce transformation that will prevent murders, abortions, rape, homosexuality, etc. The gospel alone brings new creations in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).

  4. Yes the USA needs the gospel – but what kind of gospel? One that makes room for weapons intended to kill and maim?

    I have to wonder, what kind of society and what kind of faith sees a Christian needing to have loaded guns in their home?

  5. That’s the kind of idiotic attitude that will perpetuate the mass murders we see so often in the USA (and very rarely elsewhere in the west)

    When steak knives, forks and nail files become the regular weapon of choice in that kind of mass murder you will have a valid argument.

  6. A lot of the world was begging for peace long before 9/11.

    You might be surprised but 9/11 was a minor incident compared to many events experienced elsewhere in the world. The main difference is the US domination of communications and a media industry that keeps it in world memory.

    For example, how quickly the world forgets events like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhopal_disaster

    And how about recent American wars which have caused tens of thousands of foreign civilian deaths and far more American deaths than the 9/11 attacks.

  7. I enjoy hunting is why I keep guns in my home and they are there yes for security. I will protect my family even if I have to die in the process.

    That said, again the problem with the US is deeper than guns. Our movies, music, television programs, etc. are full of violence and we wonder why we have people killing each other. We are a wicked, depraved, sinful nature that destroys babies in the womb. We are a nation that hates God. We need the gospel. Not morality. Not more politicians. We need a move of God to transform this nation. The answer to our ills is not in gun control or banning guns. It is only found in the gospel. It is found in the Church rising up and preaching hard against sin and not playing games with the world. The Church doesn’t need to stand up for guns or agains them but she must preach the truth and the truth will set people free.

  8. Hunting I can understand. But does hunting require military style weapons?

    Amd again what kind of gospel is America getting when Christians see guns providing more security and safety for their family than God provides?

    Yes the movies etc are a problem – but they are exported to the rest of the world and do not result elsewhere in the same kind of regular mass gun murder that we see far too often in America, guns not being so readily available in other countries in the west.

    And does God hate America any more than any other sinful nation? I would suggest that God isn’t so obsessed with America as Americans seem to think.

  9. I don’t think God cares about any nation but His kingdom (Psalm 2:4-6). Our agenda must not be the American agenda but the kingdom agenda. I believe the Church should do one thing: preach the gospel. Not an American gospel nor any other national gospel but only the gospel of Jesus Christ, the true King. This will bring salvation to any nation that repents.

  10. Nations can only be saved when the people are saved by God’s grace. This is why we must proclaim the gospel and not any nationalism gospel. This gospel, the gospel of the King, will transform England, Japan, Iran, or any other nation as people repent.

  11. Funny how you both minimize and maximize the US in the same post…

    Such a wide range of emotion she evokes….-

    But anyway…

    The Bhopal disaster was caused by a US company and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were illegal according to its own laws.

    In fact, the US IS a company when you really think about it.

    One that reigns over the kings of the earth via the UN which itself sidesteps when it is in its interests to do so.

    Both of those wars were illegal as, according to the constitution, war can only be declared by congress.

    You know, the same constitution which speaks of all those other pesky rights which the UN, now looking to sidestep the harlot which has out-sidestepped it for so long is trying to do away with…

  12. Ones, the truth of the matter is…

    The US isn’t a “Christian nation”, it never has been and never will be…

    It was steeped in the occult from its very inception.

  13. So tell me, if the US outlaws citizens from owning guns, will that prevent 1/3 of mankind from dying by military assault weapons in Revelation 9?

  14. Never said it was a Christian nation. That is one of the great delusions that has led to the hybrid religious nationalism held by so many American christians, whose Holy Trinity consists of Father, Son and Uncle Sam.

    (ps I corrected your typo to make clear you meant America was steeped in the occult and not yourself)

  15. I know you didn’t say that it was a Christian nation, I was mostly directing that comment to deceived Americans that may read this post..

  16. ??? to your first sentence.

    As for the rest – it just confirms we should trust in God and be aware of the responsibilities He has given us rather than trust nations and their so-called “Rights”.

  17. Outlawing guns wont save any of my relatives, only Jesus can save.

    And if He doesn’t save them, they might as well extend their own lives with guns as long as they can before they burn in hell forever…

  18. Ones,

    Without the Magna Carta, your very own earthly country would have little in the way of rights.

    The scripture does seem to show that it is the will of God for us to have a quiet and peaceful life in the here and now, aside from persecution for the REAL gospels sake.

    1 Timothy 2:2 for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

    And we see that Paul used his earthly Roman citizenship for his benefit in Acts 22

    He wouldn’t have had that “right” if Rome had been a total dictatorship…

  19. As you nation has shown, “rights” are often abused and can be twisted to have the opposite effect of what was intended (prayer being banned from schools for example).

    My country has no bill of rights. It was voted against in a public referendum a couple of decades ago. It was recognised how such a thing could become misused through legal technicalities.

  20. I’m in no hurry to see mine or the rest of the western nations rights disappear and the beast to rise.

    It will happen in God’s time but I’m definately not looking forward to it.

    And when human rights in the US go down the tubes, the rest of the western nations will soon follow…

  21. In response to your December 18, 2012 at 10:01 am post:

    Yes, the constitution has been abused, but mostly by the very people that were elected to carry out the will of the people they took an oath to represent.

    As far as prayer being banned, that was a twisting of something into the constitution that wasn’t there…. a supposed “seperation of church and state”..

    The constitution states that:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

    Any educated person can plainly see that it doesn’t prohibit public prayer or the reading of scripture… just that Congress isn’t suppsed to be involved in passing laws favoring one denomination over another.

    But then again, our leaders aren’t very educated…

    The first amendment was likely a jab at England as they DID resepct an establishment of religion, the Anglican Church…

  22. Thinking about this for a bit…

    According to the “Official Report” (not that I believe a word in it but I’m just going by their claims) from the 911 Comission, 19 men armed with mere boxcutters killed almost 3000 people on 9/11/01…

    That being the case, I would think that boxcutters should be much higher on the list of weapons to ban than guns… much to the dismay of Wal*Mart workers worldwide….

    Children died at the WTC and after all, everything we do is “for the children”…

    When it’s for the children, society can be dragged along to do just about anything….

    Maybe thats how they will “market” the mark of the beast…. “It’s in your childs best interests.”

  23. Well it’s the same in the Western church as it is in the western political system….

    The western church twists the scriptures to its own destruction…


    The western political system twists their laws to their own destruction…

    And just like we are supposed to read the scriptures, believe them and act on them instead of arguing with God….

    The founders of America stated that original intent relative to the time it was written is the way the constitution was to be “interpreted”…

    And since the leaders are once again on a mad quest for power as King George was, the right to keep and bear arms to keep tyrants at bay is rather cumbersome…

    That was the original intent of the second amendment, to keep tyrants from being tyrants…

    But as far as Christians, I don’t believe we are to defend ourselves with any weapons period.

    Nonetheless, the fact that there are those who own arms keeps evil leaders at bay. For a time…

  24. How many of those 3000 were actually killed with the box cutters?

    If a man armed with a box cutter went on a killing rampage through a school how far would he get before being stopped?

    How many murder victims have been killed by gun fire in the USA in a single year? The article illustrated in my post says 10,000 in the USA in 2010 compared to 30 in Australia. Take a guess which has the laxest gun ownership laws.

  25. That’s the problem with paranoid conspiracy theory – it provides excuses like the one you gave based on irrational assumptions.

    I suppose its only a matter of time before the evil leaders in Australia take advantage of tight gun controls to pursue their mad quest for power. They may be more impatient than the evil leaders in Britain who have had tight gun controls for much longer.

    It is THAT kind of conspiracy based paranoia that gave the recent gunman hhis access to firearms: his mother collecting firearms for protection against the same kind of things you use as your excuse.

  26. There are a few inaccuracies in the posts above, and as a mere Brit amidst this rancour, I’ll correct them.

    Magna Carta applies only to England and Wales. Nowhere else. For the more than fifty per cent of the earth’s land mass which formed the most successful empire ever, The British Empire, colonists and governor’s were encouraged to formulate codes of practice framed around the Ten Commandments with a strong view to regional needs. Thus, The American Constitution was first a code devised and enacted by the British colonists.

    The matter of ‘rights.’ There is one inalienable right bestowed upon us by a most benevolent God. The right to die. Beyond that, anything else we award ourselves are privileges. We may call them rights, but they remain privileges since, as my American cousins are now learning, they may be withdrawn to suit any contemporary expedient.

    On the point of guns and Americans, Christ calls us to give up all for Him; is it too great a leap for American Christians to lay down their weapons, or perhaps, reinvent the ploughshare.

    Answers on a postage stamp please, one bearing the Queen’s image.

  27. Ones,

    Don’t ignore the fact that I said,

    “But as far as Christians, I don’t believe we are to defend ourselves with any weapons period.”

    I dont own guns personally, but I do like the fact that there are those who do. Not criminals, but law abiding gun owners.

    If someone is willing to violate the law against murder, what makes anybody think a criminal is going to obey gun bans and find a different weapon because guns are illegal?

    It is true that once guns are banned, only criminals will have them…

    And the point of speaking about original intent was to illustrate the point that the REAL reson for the second ammendment was to guard against tyrants infringing on any other rights enumerated in the constitution.

    The founders were far from “conspiracy theorists” as the War of 1812 proved when Britian once again attempted to regain the colonies….

    Dont worry, the US will be disarmed at some point in the future. And it’s likely to be very bloody….

    But be warned, once the US IS disarmed, prepare for the rise of the beast system.

    Like it or not, as brutal as the US’s foreign policy is, it is truly the last “free” country on earth and once its gone, there will be nothing stopping world government by the UN…

    It is going to happen as the Bible shows in Matthew, Mark, Luke, Daniel and Revelation, but as I said, I’m not looking forward to the tribulation.

  28. How do you suppose the following scripture will come to pass with the US and all of its pesky “rights” standing in the way?

    Daniel 7:7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns.

    How could such a beast devour the whole earth with the US in the way?

    Daniel 7:23 “Thus he said: ‘The fourth beast shall be A fourth kingdom on earth, Which shall be different from all other kingdoms, And shall devour the whole earth, Trample it and break it in pieces.

    The US has strived all of its short existence to establish a Novus Ordo Seclorum, (AKA, New World Order) but God is going to see that she isn’t invited to the party….

    Revelation 17:16-18 16 And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. 18 And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.”

    The problem in rejecting ALL conspiracy is that there IS an intersecting of Bible prophecy and world affairs in the end times.

    Don’t miss the signs over foolish ones like Alex Jones….

  29. Yes Martin, the ONLY right we are entitled to – death.

    Thank God for His mercy that frees us from that right. Thank God for Jesus and His willingness to bear that right on our behalf.

  30. If criminals are the only non law-enforcment gub owners, then it would be a slightly safer place. They tend to kill each other rather than conduct random mass shootings in schools and other public places.

    Most of the mass shootings in school etc are not carried out by criminals. The shootings are usually their first (and last) criminal action.

    The war of 1812? Britain trying to regain the colonies? The version I heard was of America’s attempted invasion of Canada in that year.
    If the US is the last “free” nation stopping world governement by the UN then they hide it very well – the US military record after WWII doesn’t inspire much confidence in their ability to stop anything, with a continuing string of ill conceived military campaigns being handled incompetently and eventually lost.

  31. The US is not as mighty as so many Americans seem to think. The problem “outsiders” see is that most Americans seem to have little idea of what goes on in the rest of the world beyond their own borders.

  32. Onesimus, a shortcoming there. I understand death, as passing from this life to death, and death as passing from life eternal to life eternal. Either way, it’s the one ‘right’ we have, and the one from which we will not escape.

    Let us take a wider perspective than guns, a massacre or 9/11 (yes, may we put 9/11 in it’s true historical perspective, a blip, politically manipulated to advantage other than my own) and look, as it were, down a telescope, but from the wrong end. It does require, I believe, the scion of a much older nation than Australia or America to do this.

    There’s much national anguish over an entirely localised event, grave and horrendous as it is, but it actually only impacts the rest of the world which receives something from American news channels or wire services. In Britain, we’ve had so similar events, and recently yet haven’t required the world to mourn.

    The coverage of this event sees it as cataclysmic, earth shattering, yet in the light of a thousand years of wars, 6 million Jews dead in the Holocaust, genocide in Rwanda et al., is actually very small fry.

    Now I’m belittling nothing, simply seeking a perspective here.

    Man kills man: guns are but the mediator, in as much as Agent Orange was the mediator of death to so many innocent Vietnamese almost fifty years ago, but that raised howls of a righteous action; shouts of God bless America and patriotic fervour in America. I know, I read the American press at the time.

    Perspective … always the way to look at things. True perspective cannot be so easily manipulated as current news, and our American cousins have been subject to media manipulation for so long. Worse, they’ve tried to inflict their view an unsuspecting world; worse still, the American Gospel of Jesus Christ re-wired is, even now, being beamed across the planet. I wonder what He thinks about that? Further, I wonder if so many people evangelised by an American Gospel will recognise the Jewish Lamb of God, come the day?

    Sobering thought, wouldn’t you agree?

    Now, on a more worldly note, in terms of empires, world powers, the USA with it’s gun culture et al, amount to very little. The Brits at least took an Authorised Version Jesus to the world … and what is the ‘right,’ what is the ‘freedom,’ America has striven for in world affairs? Now that could be interesting. Any answers?

    Speaking as one acquainted with Communist Europe I can say my understandings are that the Cold War, with all it’s guns, armaments and missiles on non-US soil, was actually driven by the American military industrial complex and not Moscow. Further to that, Communism is not all bad, anymore than Capitalism is all good, and that despite the American media.

    You’ve mixed God and capitalism, and He abhors mixtures.

    So, in the perspective of all this nonsense about guns, ownership of guns, and American Christians having loaded military grade weapons ready to loose off at … maybe an unsuspecting milkman going about his business, let’s put it down and just remember this.

    If one is truly born again, and not merely convinced of it by a TV preacher or high salaried pastor, then there is an agenda much higher than guns, or warfare or the media. The agenda is this: preach Christ and Him crucified, that’s all, leave the remainder to the Holy Spirit, that’s His job, and it doesn’t involve weapons of a carnal nature.

    Now, I retire to my bed in a part of a former empire; we did our job, and are waiting for our successors.

  33. Onesimus, I’m an older man, from an even older nation, and my ethnic roots are deeply entrenched in a people whose history, recorded in a book, has been unashamedly manipulated, even bastardised, by peoples of different origins.

    The Book is, The Bible.

    The perspective is mine.

  34. The War of 1812


    Possible Canadian anexation was but one reason for this war which is also know as America’s “second war of independence.”


    You said,

    “If criminals are the only non law-enforcment gun owners, then it would be a slightly safer place.”

    Slightly safer isn’t good enough to strip inalienable rights…

    Cars kill 3 times more people than guns in the US each year and I see no rush to ban them…..


    You’ve never heard the phrase that America is the police of the world?

  35. And the price for your insane conspiracy theories? The lives of your children and fellow citizens – shot down with legally owned assault weapons by their neighbours.

    Your country, your choice, your responsibility.

  36. “America is the police of the world”? Yet another example of American self-aggrandisement?
    Maybe you should consider what the rest of the word thinks of that.

    And since you are clearly ok with the idea of your children and other fellow citizens being purposely gunned down there’s little more that can be said in response to your silly comparisons about cars, steask knives, forks nail files and box cutters. Especially if you can’t comprehand the difference between those things and a military style weapon that has the SOLE purpose of killing.

  37. Well, perhaps you live up to your pseudonym, Unprofitable, because Jesus of Nazareth submitted His back to the lash and his body to the cross that you might be forgiven of your sin, washed clean, healed and forgiven. We won’t mention eternal life bcause it does seem from this side of the Pond many Americans are bent on consigning their fellow countrymen to death!!

    In do not understand a gun toting ‘Christian’ population (you’ll forgive a transatlantic smile here) equates with the Jewish notion of a suffering servant, a crucified Messiah, (that’s Jewish Messiah by the way). Indeed, Paul told us we should have the mind of Christ in us also; and He, Messiah, didn’t lift a finger of rebuke at His trial.

    Mmmm. Me thinks some parts of American Christianity has some way to go.

    What think you?

  38. Unprofitable, it’s the wrong Law, dear boy. Ten words is all you need, among which is a clear directive, thou shalt not kill. Puts you all in a peculiar place right now, doesn’t it?

  39. Unprofitable, you don’t really read that stuff, do you?

    You can’t be serious man, and that was an American too, wasn’t it.

    In Britain that stuff is sold under a newsagents counter because no one wants to seen with it.

  40. Martin, the so-called “solutions” to gun crime offered on that site clearly don’t address the issue. It is suggested that gun crimes are committed with cheap hand guns and the answer is to increase taxes on cheap guns to stop them getting into the hands of the wrong people.

    The recent mass murder was NOT commited with a cheap handgun. They are not the weapon of choice in these atrocities – the kindergarten children were blasted by a military style weapon, part of a stockpile legally owned by the mother of the murderer.

    Until the majority of American citizens statrt to love their children and fellow citizens more than they love their gun ownership “rights” (including the “right” to own military style weapons) – they will continue to shock the world with events like the one a few days ago.

    As for the rest of the article, it makes it clear what UPS is polluting his mind with and why he is so devoted to conspiracy. Conspiracy theory added to bible prophecy is an unfortunate and dangerous mix.

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