The Exhibitionist

Five of my paintings have been on public display for almost two weeks. Gloria and I went to the opening but didn’t enjoy the experience. It was very noisy with voices echoing around the gallery. It seems no one was willing to talk in a normal volume, all wanting to dominate the room with the loudest voice.

Gloria was going to walk home after we’d done a lap of the room, but the opening speeches and prize presentations started and she decided to wait so we could drive home together.

As expected I didn’t win anything, and neither did I get a “commended” award. I wasn’t disappointed by either of these outcomes. But I was disappointed with the placement of my paintings. None of them were hung at eye level – but with so many artworks and so little gallery space, I know I wasn’t the only one to have that problem.

However I wasn’t so understanding about the hanging of two of mine above the doorway between the gallery’s rooms. It was impossible for anyone to get a good look at them. They were high up and could not be seen without getting in the way of viewers walking from one room to the next. I don’t think anyone should have had their work in such an unviewable position. Even with the tightness of space there was still room elsewhere for those paintings to be displayed.

Here are the photos I took the next day when the place wasn’t so crowded.

Mine is in the middle at the top.”Truly Truly”

Originally all of my paintings were entered in the oil/acrylic section, but two were transferred to the mixed media section by the organisers. Mine are top and bottom in the middle of the photo.

These are my paintings above the door. The photo was taken the day after the opening when the gallery had few visitors. With a full room there was no decent vantage point to view them. My painting “Truly Truly” can also be seen in the group of paintings beyond the doorway.


One thought on “The Exhibitionist

  1. Thanks for the report on the exhibtion, Tim. Was very curious about how your works would be received: artistically, but even more, as your witness to Jesus’ Sovereignty.

    But as with any witness, the Lord’s pleasure is most of all in (y)our faithfulness giving it.

    Blessings, brother, in Jesus Christ,


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