Giving the Greens a rocket by Andrew Bolt

This article is referring to the Australian Greens Party.)

Giving the Greens a rocket by Andrew Bolt

(Could Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon and the rest of her insanely anti-Israel party explain those hundreds of rockets being fired at Israel from Gaza?

You see, Rhiannon even this week was still claiming Gaza was “the world’s biggest outdoor prison and . . . has been under blockade for quite some time’’.
Blockaded by Israel, that is, which Rhiannon wants to boycott “as a way to promoting Palestinian human rights’’.

And it’s blockaded so wickedly that Greens leader Christine Milne on Tuesday tabled a motion in the Senate demanding the government get “Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza’’.
(Has Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group which seized power in Gaza five years ago, learned the lesson from this? That the quickest way to get the Greens to spruik your cause is to shoot lots of rockets at Jews?)

But, about that blockade, Senators. From where came the nearly 2000 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel since January, including some powerful enough to hit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv?
The answer? Many from Iran. Some blockade, which lets such weaponry get smuggled in. Perhaps that blockade isn’t as strict as Rhiannon claims—certainly not along Gaza’s border with Egypt, now controlled by the Hamas-friendly Muslim Brotherhood.

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8 thoughts on “Giving the Greens a rocket by Andrew Bolt

  1. Thanks for this post, Tim. All else aside, I learned a new word in reading it: “spruik.” LOL.

    In Jesus, Steve

  2. As a Brit I really shouldn’t meddle in Australian domestic politics. But, since ‘Green’ is an umbrella term for most anything lunatic/liberal/leftie or just plain don’t know so I’ll say the first thing that comes out of my mouth …

    She sounds like an excellent case for excluding women from politics and church leadership. (Ah, now that last is something we could go into!)

    Green is another God, not sin – providing we recycle responsibly – no repentance – except when we’re compelled to look at a land fill site – and actually no God – except ourselves.

    Our rather excellent Bishop of Liverpool, James Jones, is rather good at all this nonsense. Perhaps he and your lady should get to, on a distant island.

  3. A couple of dictionary definitions:

    spruik [ˈspruːɪk]vb Austral archaic slang to speak in public (used esp of a showman or salesman)

    spruik Pronunciation: (sprOOk),
    —v.i. Australian Slang. to make or give a speech, esp. extensively or elaborately; spiel; orate.

  4. If Israel hadn’t attacked first way back when, the Palestinians wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing now.

    Too bad Israel only has dozens of nuclear weapons with which to defend itself.

  5. Maybe you need to improve your knowledge of history and current affairs, not to mention your understanding of God’s continuing relationship with the people of Israel.

  6. A reference to “Israel-lies” to describe the people of Israel sums up the nature of the deleted comment. Such views will not be tolerated on this blog.

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