False Prophecy and the Role of”Secular Experts”

A couple of years ago Andrew Strom wrote an article in which he made some predictions regarding approaching economic troubles: see http://www.revivalschool.com/?p=202 .

In particular I’d like to draw attention to this part:

Obviously about half of the above predictions have already come true. The rest would seemingly require “another wave down” to occur. Do I still expect this? Yes, I do. And if I am correct, I would expect to see this sometime in 2010 or (at the latest) in 2011. Please continue to prepare spiritually and practically for this eventuality, my friends. And I am very happy to be taken to task if this does not take place. If this “second wave down” has not occurred by the end of 2011 then I will need to issue a public apology to the Body of Christ. Please hold me to this. I am happy to be held accountable for the things I have prophesied.,

2011 came and went and did the predicted event happen “by the end of 2011”? The first person I saw trying to get Andrew to come up with the promised apology was quickly banned from his then forum. I later brought this matter up with Andrew and have had a string of bannings from his sites. Today I received the following from Andrew: his “proof” that he was right all along:

“The Eurozone economy, which encompasses the 17 nations that share the euro currency, slumped into recession in the fourth quarter of last year, [ie. 2011] according to the Center for Economic Policy Research, a London research group that is the official arbiter of European recessions.” -News last week.

In reply I ask: Since when does God need “experts” to confirm fulfilment of “prophecy” a year after the fact? And, was there anything specifying Europe in Andrew’s predictions? I might have missed it but to me the predictions are mainly directed at the USA. I don’t deny the real possibility (even likelihood) of severe economic troubles ahead – but Andrew claimed his dated prediction was prophecy. That “prophecy” failed to meet the stated deadline and no repentant apology was forthcoming.

7 thoughts on “False Prophecy and the Role of”Secular Experts”

  1. Oh, many of these so called prophets are not prophets at all, but profits. There’s money to be made, here folks, big bucks.

    Now I’m not naming names here – the laws of libel and slander are getting tighter – but it doesn’t take a master mind to read the economic press and come up with a deal. Sell it like crazy, sell, sell and more sell. If it proves true within a wide margin it was God of course, and the cred of the prophet is heightened.

    Paying too much heed to ‘prophets,’ is dangerous territory, the sort of place that will screw your mind. It’s tantamount to casting about for the next ‘new thing.’ You’ll never find it.

    I’m well aware the Bible tells us not to despise prophecy. i don’t. It’s the raucous prophets with their begging bowls I despise. ‘Cross my palm with silver, guv, and I’ll tell you the time …’ Probably on a stolen watch!

  2. HI martin,
    Yes the bible tells us not to despise prophecy and part of that command means we are not to deny the legitimacy of prophecy. However, we can also despise prophecy by not giving it due respect, to take it lightly, to accept EVERYTHING decalred as “prophetic” without any hint of scrutiny. The “don’t despise prophecy” command is only one part of a section of scripture. It continues something like this: “test all things, accept what is good”.

    When you hear someone (a “prophet”) referring to the first part of the command without drawing attention to the rest, be doubly on guard.

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  5. Strom says something that should get our radar up:
    “But the economy is one thing I feel God has spoken to me about.”

    Feel? You feel Mr Strom? If God spoke to you then you should know that you know that you know. When God speaks, His servants would be willing to gamble their salvation on it being absolute truth.

  6. I love naming names.
    If a 10 times convicted child predator moved into your sister’s neighborhood, would you refuse to name names?

  7. There have been times I “felt” God was showing me something that would happen and I thankfully kept quiet – because my feeling was proven wrong. I can now recognise my feelings were based on what I expected to happen because of my observations of the natural world. It is easy to predict water shortages after several years of drought.

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