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So you believe the election is over and that is the end of it. But so many are wringing their hands, not because babies will still be killed in the womb, but because they fear socialism might take a bite out of their pocketbooks. And many of those people are professing believers in Jesus Christ.

They ignored Mitt Romney’s gigantic support for his Mormon faith, and they supported him. And like Jerry Falwell Jr. and Franklin Graham and thousands of other evangelical leaders, they suggested that what Romney believed about Jesus was less important than what he said he believed about marriage.

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7 thoughts on ““EVANGELICALS YOU WILL GIVE AN ACCOUNT” by Rick Freuh

  1. At the risk of being shot down in flames, I find this post American election angst tedious and unnecessary. What’s done is done!!

    i have a note in my journal from just a week ago: oh dear, now we’re going to hear about Republican states leaving the union. Monday’s UK online press carried just that story. Isn’t this taking electoral defeat just a little bit too far? What about the Democrats in those states? Do they move state?

    And the quoted article, suggesting Mormons will be more accepted in America since Romney; isn’t that suggestive, trend leading and bad shepherding? I too have those thoughts, but felt no need to lead others into that way of thinking, almost certainly to their detriment.

    What is happening in America, big government, over regulation, fiscal restraint … and other things leading to the NWO are common to European countries, and soon will be in the rest of the world. It’s a fact of life, it’s a fact of our times (yes, I’m a dispensationalist) and frankly, having lived in a desperately poor, Roman Catholic heavily oppressed country for a couple of years, we should all be thankful to a bountiful God for what we have, including freedoms, Obama or not.

    America, get your act together!! You’ve lost the torch of the Gospel by your own hand, as we Brits did a hundred years ago. Learn from our chaotic twentieth century history and move on. You’re not the Chosen People, you don’t inhabit the Promised Land and have no singular covenant with Almighty God as a nation. That’s the lot of a down trodden despised Mid Eastern minority, the Children of Israel. America, you’re a gentile nation seasoned with a small minority of Christ followers; you have no claim to covenant greatness other than that!

  2. “You’re not the Chosen People, you don’t inhabit the Promised Land and have no singular covenant with Almighty God as a nation.”

    Martin, I think that statement hits right at the heart of the matter. Hopefully that truth will start to sink in a bit more.

  3. I’d like to think you’re right, but experience teaches otherwise.

    We Brits made much the same mistake; even having a hymn to reinforce the notion this is the Promised Land. Jerusalem; words taken from a poem by William Blake, a delusional demonic and music by Hubert Parry. The first verse is here:
    And did those feet in ancient time
    Walk upon England’s mountain green?
    And was the holy Lamb of God
    On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
    And did the countenance divine
    Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
    And was Jerusalem builded here
    Among those dark satanic mills?

    If that’s not a blasphemy I don’t know what is. Little wonder Britain is now in a mess, and still thinking we’ve some God given rights as a people, despite the fact a significant proportion of our population is Muslim or other.

  4. Martin, I also can’t see any widespread change – but I do hope that some will wake up to the truth. Unlike some, I have no expectation of any great revival or “a historic, mind-blowing turnaround and a possible re-invention of America”.

    I see no scriptural indication of the “re-invention”, “turn around” or revival of any nation apart from Israel.

  5. I’ll second Tim: Martin’s words are right on the mark. It’s not a popular view in the politicized and self-obsessed American Church, of course. Not popular, but true: may the Church be so.

  6. This morning, besides being ashamed of my own country, I’m ashamed of America!!

    Christian forums I’ve looked over today are still chewing over their election results and wallowing in self pity; blaming each other and hurling scriptures around to prove their rather mute, and historic, points.

    And this while Israel begins another, and probably the biggest, fight for it’s existence.

    This is the Covenant people. Theirs is the Covenant Land. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem. Those who bless Israel God will bless, and he who curses Israel God will curse.

    So how many Brits and Americans can expect anything good of God? Watch this space for judgements of a very real kind!!

  7. Martin: THANKS FOR POSTING THOSE LYRICS (as a “hymn” no less). I ran across them a while back after I had been looking at some other music on youtube (having heard something beautiful on an XM station while I was in my car).

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