The Exhibitionist

Five of my paintings have been on public display for almost two weeks. Gloria and I went to the opening but didn’t enjoy the experience. It was very noisy with voices echoing around the gallery. It seems no one was willing to talk in a normal volume, all wanting to dominate the room with the loudest voice.

Gloria was going to walk home after we’d done a lap of the room, but the opening speeches and prize presentations started and she decided to wait so we could drive home together.

As expected I didn’t win anything, and neither did I get a “commended” award. I wasn’t disappointed by either of these outcomes. But I was disappointed with the placement of my paintings. None of them were hung at eye level – but with so many artworks and so little gallery space, I know I wasn’t the only one to have that problem.

However I wasn’t so understanding about the hanging of two of mine above the doorway between the gallery’s rooms. It was impossible for anyone to get a good look at them. They were high up and could not be seen without getting in the way of viewers walking from one room to the next. I don’t think anyone should have had their work in such an unviewable position. Even with the tightness of space there was still room elsewhere for those paintings to be displayed.

Here are the photos I took the next day when the place wasn’t so crowded.

Mine is in the middle at the top.”Truly Truly”

Originally all of my paintings were entered in the oil/acrylic section, but two were transferred to the mixed media section by the organisers. Mine are top and bottom in the middle of the photo.

These are my paintings above the door. The photo was taken the day after the opening when the gallery had few visitors. With a full room there was no decent vantage point to view them. My painting “Truly Truly” can also be seen in the group of paintings beyond the doorway.

Getting Back Into Hot Water and Retirement Dreaming.

On Sunday I found our hot water system was leaking. It was still working enough to provide hot water for showers on Monday morning, and a plumber was able to come around and replace it in the afternoon, so the only inconvenience has been to our bank balance.

I’ll now have to put back my retirement plans for an additional week or two to pay for it. Considering the government had already delayed my retirement by 2 years by increasing the retirement age from 65 to 67 for my age group, I’m not happy about any cause for further delay.

So maybe I should just become a world famous artist, author, apostle, prophet or TV Evangelist and live off the proceeds of paintings, bestselling books or the seed-faith offerings of loyal followers.

False Prophecy and the Role of”Secular Experts”

A couple of years ago Andrew Strom wrote an article in which he made some predictions regarding approaching economic troubles: see .

In particular I’d like to draw attention to this part:

Obviously about half of the above predictions have already come true. The rest would seemingly require “another wave down” to occur. Do I still expect this? Yes, I do. And if I am correct, I would expect to see this sometime in 2010 or (at the latest) in 2011. Please continue to prepare spiritually and practically for this eventuality, my friends. And I am very happy to be taken to task if this does not take place. If this “second wave down” has not occurred by the end of 2011 then I will need to issue a public apology to the Body of Christ. Please hold me to this. I am happy to be held accountable for the things I have prophesied.,

2011 came and went and did the predicted event happen “by the end of 2011”? The first person I saw trying to get Andrew to come up with the promised apology was quickly banned from his then forum. I later brought this matter up with Andrew and have had a string of bannings from his sites. Today I received the following from Andrew: his “proof” that he was right all along:

“The Eurozone economy, which encompasses the 17 nations that share the euro currency, slumped into recession in the fourth quarter of last year, [ie. 2011] according to the Center for Economic Policy Research, a London research group that is the official arbiter of European recessions.” -News last week.

In reply I ask: Since when does God need “experts” to confirm fulfilment of “prophecy” a year after the fact? And, was there anything specifying Europe in Andrew’s predictions? I might have missed it but to me the predictions are mainly directed at the USA. I don’t deny the real possibility (even likelihood) of severe economic troubles ahead – but Andrew claimed his dated prediction was prophecy. That “prophecy” failed to meet the stated deadline and no repentant apology was forthcoming.

The Early Church and Banned by Strom Again.

It isn’t  a surprise. I’ve been banned again from commenting on Andrew Strom’s blog (after only a week or two back).

Why the continual banning? Am I belligerent and abusive?


Do I try to promote heretical teaching?


The main reason I can see is that I questioned something Strom said. As soon as I made the comment I realised what the outcome would be. The “offending” exchange related to Andrew’s idea that we need to return to the ways of the early church and my contribution to the topic follows:

Tim Nov 21st 2012 said

Our need is not to look back to how the church was, using them as a pattern to follow – our need is for genuine relationship with God. Genuinely Spirit led lives. Seeing the early church as an ideal template will leave us vulnerable to the same mistakes they made – mistakes which ultimately led to the church situation we have today.

Andrew Nov 21st 2012 said

Nonsense, sir. That is the only biblical pattern of “normal” Christianity that we have. It is the Christianity of Jesus and the apostles. Return to it or miss out. Bless you! Andrew

Tim Nov 21st 2012 said 

Andrew, DO we return to the early church of 1 Corinthains? Galations? Of Jude? Or just to the “early, early church” of a single chapter of Acts? A church that even the “early church” did not emulate?

No sir, it is not nonsense to suggest we need genuine relationships with God. That we need to be genuinely Spirit led.

Only THEN will we have any chance of genuine church life – a life of relationship which may lead to some of the things we read about the believers in those early chapters of Acts.

Trying to return to their practices will achieve nothing. It can’t be done. Their example came through their relationship with the Lord it did not come through following any pattern given to them. We can’t put the cart before the horse.

After that any further comments from me were blocked. I didn’t have the opportunity to add:

Identify what you mean by “the church found in the Book of Acts”. You earlier mentioned it was described through the whole book, but Acts mainly describes some of the experiences of one or two Apostles and their companions over a number of years. It does not describe the day to day lives and experience of the average Christian.*

Also I’d like to know what you mean by “Return to it or miss out”. HOW do we return to it?

Have you returned to it?

Do you know of anyone who GENUINELY has?

Do you have any answer as to HOW we return apart from the insistence that we need to?

Or maybe the answer found in having a GENUINE relationship with God and being GENUINELY Spirit led as I suggested above? Get the relationship with HIM right and the experience and expression of church will be right.

*To get an idea of the state of he churches from the period covered by the book of Acts, see Paul’s letters. Those letters often portray LESS THAN PERFECT expressions of Christian life. The letters include Paul’s rebukes and words of correction to get them back on track. Which part of THIS early church are we expected to return to?


Over the weekend there were reports of Hamas missiles reaching Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – fortunately falling outside of populated areas. On hearing that I thought how ironic it would have been if the Dome of the Rock had been hit by one of these wayward missiles.

Then on a Christian forum I saw contributors inferring that Israel had “faked” those missiles:  that Hamas rockets weren’t capable of reaching those distance. I shouldn’t have been surprised. There are still those who see that the September 11th terrorist attacks were an “inside job”.

So, suspicion is already being sown –  IF the Dome of the Rock fell victim, the blame would quickly be turned upon Israel and further hostility stirred up against them. It probably wouldn’t take much to convince many that Israel and not Hamas was to blame – and the “Christian” inferences mentioned above would only add fuel to an already combustible situation.

Art and “Exhibitionism”

Five of my paintings are included in an exhibition opening tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing how they fit in (or not) with the work of others.

When I dropped them off at the gallery last weekend it was a bit discouraging to see so many well painted pictures: landscapes, still life, portraits – not a lot of abstract or less “picturesque” work. Seeing them made me very aware of my lack of experience and how far behind I am in craftsmanship.
There are prizes on offer for a few different categories. All of mine are entered in the Oils/Acrylic section. I’ve never had any expectation of winning a prize, but it would be satisfying to see a “commended” card next to one of my paintings.

But to me at this time its not about prizes or sales (I have prices on mine – just in case) but about getting my work seen and hopefully cause a few people to think about what they represent. I paint as an expression of my faith. My paintings have references to aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those references are sometimes subtle through my use of repeated symbols and other times they are clear through the inclusion of biblical text.

There are a few reasons why I lean more towards the abstract:
1) It’s the type of art I personally prefer to look at
2) I don’t yet have the technical skills to paint in a more realistic fashion*
3) I find abstraction is able to express emotion well.
4) It offers challenge to the patient and reflective viewer (those who take time to look instead of immediately dismissing it with “a kid could paint that!”)

* I probably don’t have the skills to paint good abstracts either – but trying helps me to become more familiar with paint and the use of brushes wihtout people saying “that doesn’t look like a … (tree, person, animal etc.).

In the never-ending Gaza war even dogs take tranquillisers

Article by Simon Benson from: The Daily Telegraph November 16, 2012

YOU know things are getting pretty grim when you have to put your dog on Valium to cope with stress.
Or plant gum trees around your home to obscure it from terrorists firing rockets at you.
Or build bomb shelters in the local school so your kids don’t get blown to pieces in the playground.
For about 24,000 people living in the southern Israeli town of Sderot, where half the town’s inhabitants and their pets are on some form of tranquilliser for mental trauma, that is the toll they pay simply to live in Israel…

Read full article here: