Loyal to Whom: article by David Brickner

“Loyalty is a virtue but when employed in the service of a lie, it ceases to be a virtue.”


An article from the October 2012 Jews for Jesus newsletter



3 thoughts on “Loyal to Whom: article by David Brickner

  1. Much the same conflict of loyalties faces men who insist Christ and Freemasonry are compatible, indeed, complimentary! There must be a lesser god and a greater God.

    David Bickner has written an excellent piece. My Jewish Christian friends have explained to me the enormous mountain to be climbed in at first feeling three and a half thousand years of God’s dealings with Israel were in error, in even incomplete. Some would admit prior to seeing Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, Messianic expectations would indicate an incompletness, but few had thought about that until …

  2. I have not been able to find the full video of Rick Warren’s most recent appearance on the CNN show with Piers Morgan (December 29), but he basically apologized or at least backed away from comparing being gay or acting on that to drinking arsenic. But he WENT ON to say what he most means is that gay people should not redefine a term (marriage) — like Jews for Judaism doesn’t want people to “redefine” what it is to be a Jew. Well, since when is that organization THE definer of what it is to be a Jew? Even not considering any Christian definitions, there is not one kind of Jew.

    Here are a couple links to articles related to Warren’s two most recent visits with Morgan.

  3. I still haven’t been able to find the full video, but I’ve found a transcript version. Not sure how accurate it is. I’m also not sure, now, when it originally aired; maybe on the 24th of December. I’ve seen many dates between and including the 24th and the 29th attached to it. To the point, about two-thirds of the way down at this link (actually a bit more than that), it looks like Rick might not have named Jews for Judaism. It’s possible he only named Jews for Jesus. I’m going to have to see the footage again when I can find it. But Rick Warren said [while I’m not sure if the first mention of Jews for Jesus was actually Jews for Judaism], “Now, let me explain this. You know, the Jews, there’s a group called Jews for Jesus. And — and Jewish people don’t like Jews for Jesus, because they say wait a minute, you don’t get to redefine a term. If you believe in Jesus, you’re not really a Jew.” This kind of talk is supposed to bolster his point of view? Contrary to his shockingly mixing this very disparate topic into the matter of historically defining “marriage” as a word and tradition, I say a Jew can indeed call himself or herself a Jew while believing in Jesus. [And that is very different from a Christian trying to say a Jew isn’t a true Jew because Christians are the true Jews (which would be inappropriate and presumptuous). I’m not very familiar with Jews for Jesus, but I doubt they teach there are no Jews and only a redefinition as Christians.] http://www.raptureforums.com/forum/apostasy-local-church/71352-rick-warrens-appearance-piers-morgan-tv-show-12-24-2012-transcript.html

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