Blue is the Colour

Blue is the colour.

I’m resisting the reds, yellows, greens and everything else that isn’t blue. The only slight compromise is a tiny step towards mauve – but a very bluish mauve.

I noticed that most of my paintings so far have been dominated by warmer colours with only a hint of blues and greens. I like the effects I’ve been able to create with those colours and have found them to be much more user friendly.

My use of larger areas of blue paint has always seemed flat and lifeless. I like to blend different shades of similar colours together. In my opinion this gives them more vitality. However, blue shades don’t seem to like that approach. I don’t get the same satisfying result.

A little over a week ago I wrote about the start of this “blue period” (see Painting Blues) and I’ve been struggling with the same painting since then. A few times I seemed to get the breakthrough I’ve been hoping for. Several times I could almost see what I wanted emerging from the canvas – but each time, while a small area showed promise, I couldn’t find a way to bring everything together.

I’ve painted over the whole thing three or four times now, and then last night I seemed to find what I wanted. This time the hint of promise isn’t restricted to a small portion of the canvas – I’m happy with the overall effect. I feel I now have the foundation established and I’m (half) confident that the rest will fall into place.

Ironically, I now seem to be achieving by accident what I’ve tried to do several times before. Every time I’ve tried to take inspiration from Marc Chagall I’ve failed. I feel this painting could become the most Chagallesque thing I’ve painted, something that was completely unintended.
Depending on how I go over the next few days I hope to have a suitable photo to share early next week.


One thought on “Blue is the Colour

  1. “Ironically, I now seem to be achieving by accident what I’ve tried to do several times before.”

    I was indeed noticing (in that last bit of painting) what you are talking about there.

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